30 Jan

Timeless truth . . . up to date delivery

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We’re grateful to hear from a new sister in Taiwan named Moza who told us that she’s on the Bible Bus, traveling with Thru the Bible on our 5-year journey through the Word of God.

We got this text from her recently:

“I am a new believer in Jesus Christ. Since a year ago I began to go to church. A friend of mine told me about your 5-year travel through the Bible. I began to listen to your podcast and was very glad for the clear explanation of the Word of God. Since I am new, I have not read the entire Bible, so I think this is a wonderful possibility to go through the entire program with you. Thank you for saving me a seat on the Bible Bus.”

What great news! Pray for those around the world who are hearing the whole Word for the first time!

Invite others to join us – direct them to TTB.org!

29 Jan

Listening . . . in the grip of darkness

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There are places on earth where you put your life in jeopardy for even listening to the gospel.

One listener who used to live in such a place asks us to pray:

“I am writing to thank you for the grace I received through the sound of the gospel. You helped me discover salvation in God. I once lived in a place where the government forbid us to listen to Christian radio. If by chance you discovered it and listened, you put your life in danger. Please pray for the brothers and sisters who live in the grip of darkness. Pray for light to get to them.”

Today, entrust those who follow the Lord in secret to His care. Pray that the Lord will not only sustain their faith, but help them to live for God in tremendously difficult situations. If you walk with the Lord today without fear, then pray boldly for those who don’t know this freedom.

28 Jan

A new day in Ulaanbaatar

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Today we celebrate God’s faithfulness as we pray for the people in Mongolia as many are hearing Thru the Bible’s broadcast for the first time.

If you recall, as a World Prayer Team we prayed that God would make a way for the broadcast to be heard in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city and where the most concentrated population of the country lives.

God answered our prayer in May 2014 and today we’re hearing about a great response from the Christian station that hosts Thru the Bible. Pray today for the leaders of this station. Not only do they broadcast God’s Word, but they also have face-to-face interactions with their listeners as they host seminars and workshops in their offices. We’ve heard that as people hear the good news on the radio, they are willing to come together and learn more.

Pray specifically for the growth and protection of the Christian homes in Mongolia. Since the gospel is so new in their country, every family is a first-generation Christian family.

Tomorrow we travel on our knees to North Korea.

27 Jan

A present help in times of trouble

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Remember when the 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan on March 11, 2011? And then the tsunami hit? Waves as high as 35 feet washed over northern regions of Japan and drowned over 16,000 people.

The fourth anniversary of that disaster draws near. And while it may seem like a long time ago for the rest of the world, for the millions of Japanese people affected, it’s hardly a heart-beat ago. In fact, some still live in shelters. Others are rebuilding their lives. Still others will never recover.

Let’s pray today for those in Japan—and in our communities—whose wounds run deep. Perhaps they’ve lost loved ones or their livelihood. Pray also for those who turned to God in this tragedy—perhaps for the first time. Pray that they will find hope and healing in the proclamation of God’s Word on Thru the Bible. Perhaps God will use the Thru the Bible app as people find us on their smartphones. Ask God to use these events to draw people to Himself. Pray they find God to be their refuge and strength—a present help in times of trouble.

26 Jan

“When I was too ashamed to face God . . .”

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No matter where we live on this earth, our hearts essentially are the same—we are lost and hopeless until we find Jesus Christ as Savior of our souls.

This listener from southwest China, Yunnan Province, shares his journey from darkness to light:

“When I first tuned into your program, my life was at its most hopeless. Suicidal thoughts occupied my mind every day. My cousin learned of my painful situation and traveled all the way from Shenzhen to visit me. He brought a small radio with him and recommended I tune in to the Christian radio station.

“Fortunately, I took his advice … and have been listening ever since. In the past two years, you walked beside me through the most trying times of my life. When I was too ashamed to face God and at the brink of abandoning my faith, you gave me confidence and strength in God. Your encouragement helped me turn to God and ask for His forgiveness. When I was hurting and weak, you told me where to find the courage to continue living—in the God of my faith. I pray your broadcasts will help others just like me turn away from their sins and follow the Lord.”

Let’s echo his prayer today that others in China—and in our own communities—will turn from their sins and follow Jesus.

23 Jan

“Our struggle is fierce …”

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Welcome to Algeria, where despite intensifying persecution against Christians, God’s Word is finding its way into the hearts and homes of many Algerians.

As one brother named Merouane recently wrote:

“Praise God our numbers are growing! It often begins with a person that listens to your programs. Soon after, their whole family listens, then it goes by word of mouth to neighbors, and so begins a new house church.

“This was indeed the way it happened with us. It was my father who first discovered your programs. He spoke at home, then he talked to our neighbors, and we started a small church in our house. And now, by the grace of Jesus, we have built a great church in our village. On the day of worship we have 150 followers and sometimes more. Pray for us, and continue to send weapons from the Lord, because our struggle is fierce.”

What a wonderful report. Today let’s praise God for His favor on these Algerian house churches and ask Him to protect those who boldly share His name, despite personal risk.

Join us next week as we travel to Northeast Asia.

22 Jan

Finding peace in Palestine

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Choosing to follow Christ in the Palestinian Territories isn’t an easy decision.

Many Christians live with the threat of attack and betrayal no matter where they turn. And many have chosen to leave because of the pressure they feel from both Israelis and Islamists.

So today, let’s pray for those who choose to stay and proclaim Christ in this troubled land—like this man who recently wrote to us:

“I am the owner of a coffee shop, and through your programs and visits from your staff I have been encouraged to not just listen to your broadcasts, but read the New Testament as well. My family, along with many of our customers, listen to Thru the Bible and we are grateful for your teachings. Peace is hard to find here, but in God’s Word we find rest.”

Will you intervene for God’s people in Palestine right now?

And join us as our journey continues tomorrow in Algeria.

21 Jan

“Being alone in my faith is not easy …”

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“Being alone in my faith in the area that I live in is not easy.”

That’s what one listener of Thru the Bible’s Arabic program in Kuwait shares with us. He continues,

“But when I listen to your program, I feel as if someone is taking me by my hand and helping me cross the dark valley. The way that you share the Word of God showed me the dark areas in my life, and you are now helping me see the light! I was once a Muslim, but now I am born into the light of Christ! Your broadcasts were the first time I ever heard about the good news.

“Please continue to help me with my spiritual nourishment. I would like to have fellowship with Christians, but I am not sure this is safe. So, please help me and continue your prayers for me.”

What a great request. As you pray today, please remember to lift up this gentleman and other isolated believers in Kuwait and around the world.

And join us tomorrow as World Prayer Today travels to the Palestine Territories.

20 Jan

Prayer needed for Christians in Iraq

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Thanks for joining us on our world prayer tour where today we’re asking God to comfort, strengthen, and encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq … particularly those who are in danger because of their faith.

And let’s also pray alongside them as they ask that the broadcasting of God’s Word on Thru the Bible will change the hearts and minds of those who haven’t yet come to saving faith in Him. We continue to receive many letters like this one from a young woman who listens in her native language of Kurdish:

“Thank you for making me close to my God, through the grace of the Word you present to us. Thank you for your constant love to convey the voice of truth to all people. Please pray that more in my country will hear God’s Word and accept His truth. It’s only in Him that we will find peace.”

Isn’t that the truth?! We echo that prayer! Join us tomorrow as we’re off to Kuwait.

19 Jan

Join us in praying for Lebanon

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Today our world prayer journey brings us to the mysterious country of Lebanon where we meet with a young woman named Sarah who faithfully listens to Thru the Bible.

She says:

“I want to know more about the Word of God because what you are teaching me is making a difference in my life and relationship with God. Thank you for making me want to know more about my Creator.”

That’s the great thing about God Word—the more time you spend in it, the more time you want to spend in it!

Today as we listen to Thru the Bible, let’s pray it brings clarity to those who don’t yet have a relationship with the Lord and pray it brings encouragement to those who do … particularly those in Lebanon.

Invite a friend to join the World Prayer Team by directing them to TTB.org/pray. Tomorrow’s stop: Iraq.

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