24 Apr

“God is warming my stone-cold faith . . .”

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No matter where you live, the busy-ness of life can sometimes crowd out your spiritual needs.

Perhaps you can identify with this busy mother in Yeoungdong, South Korea:

“I tried to attend church when my three boys were small, but I couldn’t hear the sermon over their mischief. I did not receive spiritual nourishment for a long time, so I was thirsty and cried out to God. I am so happy now to study the Bible with you every day. God is gradually warming my stone-cold faith into a desire for Him. I will always listen to your program with gratitude.”

That’s what God will do—He will warm our cold hearts to beat for Him. Today, let’s pray for mothers everywhere who long to have a closer relationship with God.

Tomorrow’s stop: the vast frontier of Mongolia.

23 Apr

Please pray for TTB-Japanese

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We believe that our prayers are making a difference. Today we join together in asking God for something urgent and important.

Recently, Thru the Bible’s Japanese program was taken off the satellite network on which we broadcast. The network was purchased by a new owner who removed all religious programs.

Our hearts go out to Christians in Japan—and others who depend on these radio broadcasts for encouragement and teaching from God’s Word.

Today—even right now—please pray that Thru the Bible can find a new network to broadcast in Japan and boldly ask God to change the hearts of the new network owners. With God, anything is possible! Thanks for praying today that the people of Japan would hear and respond to God’s Word.

God hears us when we pray—that’s why we’re traveling the world on our knees. Thanks for partnering with us in prayer.

22 Apr

The gospel is impacting China!

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We don’t just talk about prayer—we pray! Today we’re praying through China where something amazing is happening….

The gospel is having great impact! Let’s intercede together right now:

Father, Thank You for hearing our prayers—we love You and call upon Your name. Together as one, we lift up to You those who would seek You in China. We ask that You would reach them, no matter how isolated they are, with the good news of Your mercy and grace. Thank You for the good reports we hear of how many are turning in faith and repentance to You. We ask that this continue through miraculous channels that only You can provide! Please strengthen those who love You, protect them, and provide for what they need. We ask this in Your Son’s powerful name, Amen.

Tomorrow we continue to travel through Asia.

21 Apr

“I did not know God forgives all my sins . . .”

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“Brothers and sisters in the Lord on air, I always pray for you, knowing that you will also pray for me.”

That’s our good word from China on World Prayer Today. God is doing a phenomenal work around the world in drawing people to Himself. As His Word is taught, people are responding—especially in places where the gospel is not readily available.

Another brother from China writes,

“I listen to your program every day and share your good news with my friends. I did not know that God forgives all my sins and heals my diseases. He saves me from death and satisfies me with good things. I thank God indeed.”

Today, it’s our privilege to pray for our brothers and sisters in China and ask God to multiply His grace in their lives.

We’re traveling through Asia all week. Join the World Prayer Team and intercede for these brothers and sisters with us!

18 Apr

Celebrating resurrection life in North Africa

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Happy Good Friday! Want to hear the message of Easter in a nutshell?

This brother from Northern Africa beautifully describes what we celebrate this weekend:

“I have come to know Father God with the help of Thru the Bible, a program teaching people about Jesus. It is very courageous of Jesus Christ the Son of Man that He presented Himself with all righteousness and was nailed to the cross to redeem us, sinners. On the third day, He rose from the dead to sit on the right hand of Abba Father. Thanks to the Lord, I believe!”

Amen! Thanks be to God that we who believe and have received God’s gift of forgiveness for sin can celebrate our relationship with God this Resurrection Sunday.

Will you pray with us that more people will hear and believe the good news God has for them?

17 Apr

At the exact moment of need

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God uses all kinds of circumstances to get our attention. A health crisis is what prompted one family in India to see their need for Jesus.

The father writes,

“Our family was in crisis as my wife was critically ill. As we tuned our radio one day we came across Satya Vachan [by the way, that’s TTB in Hindi] and a message from the Word of God. We each surrendered our lives into the hands of Jesus and accepted Him as our Savior and Lord. There are no other believers in our village. Only Satya Vachan allows us to enjoy a close fellowship with Jesus. Please pray that we stand firm in our faith.”

That’s a powerful testimony to how God uses Christian radio to reach people at their moment of need. Let’s pray today for families like this in every country of the world.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate Good Friday.

16 Apr

Quiet acts of service

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Today in our prayer journey we visit a woman in Romania who came to Jesus in a curious way.

She writes,

“My old feet made it difficult to walk. One day, a woman visited me. She brought ointment for my feet. It worked! Then she introduced me to Jesus. Now this sister-in-Christ visits me frequently to wash my clothes and clean my floor. We sit and listen to Thru the Bible together and are blessed. Things are in God’s plan. He sent me a believer with a strong faith in Jesus. God loves me very much, even before I understood about Jesus.”

If you’re involved in quiet acts of service today, remember this story of how God used a woman’s compassion to bring someone to Himself.\

Celebrate God’s great love tomorrow when we travel to India.

15 Apr

Celebrating resurrection life in Albania

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You may be surprised to hear that in a country where the early church thrived, churches in Albania are now hard to find.

That’s why we celebrate news like this from a pastor in Podradec:

Last Sunday, a young man named Luan stood and gave testimony at our meeting. God had used a variety of circumstances to bring him to Christ, specifically by listening to Thru the Bible. Luan bowed his knee to Christ and asked Jesus to save him. Thank you for your wonderful Bible studies; your program serves many people in our church. We have seen the many fruits from it.

Just another powerful testimony of God at work—drawing people to Himself in many different ways. Together, let’s thank God for His saving work in Albania through Christian radio.

Join us tomorrow for another story of victory and new life in Christ!

14 Apr

Celebrating resurrection life in Bangladesh

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As we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection this Sunday, we can also celebrate the living proof of that miracle in the changed lives of people who have come to the cross of Christ.

Each story powerfully illustrates how Christ’s redeeming work is spreading throughout the world.

Today we visit with a young person from Bangladesh:

I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. These days I am very active in the youth activities of my church. We discuss your program often, as I encourage them to listen as well. I notice that I am strengthened in faith as I consistently listen to God’s Word. Every day I am deeply touched, motivated, and encouraged to live for Jesus.

Our World Prayer Team has a lot to celebrate!

Join us as we travel tomorrow to another place where God is at work: Albania!

11 Apr

Bringing hope to poverty-stricken Zambia

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Welcome to Zambia, a quaint and relatively undeveloped country in the heart of Africa.

As this week’s journey comes to a close, we’re pleased to introduce you to a believer named Nicolas who listens to Thru the Bible in his native language of Shona.

I am so happy that I can now preach from the Bible. I have grown from listening to your teachings and have become very active in church, even when it comes to preaching. Through continual listening I am able to read, understand, and interpret the Word of God. Thank you so very much for feeding me!

Praise God for Nicolas and believers like Him who are leading Zambian churches! Ask God to bless their efforts in bringing hope and help to their poverty-stricken nation.

Join us next week as we celebrate Easter all week with testimonies of changed lives!

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