19 Dec

Praising God for faithful fathers!

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Welcome to Peru! As we sit in the shade on the banks of the Ucayali River, a listener named Linderson greets us and shares:

“Thank you for the notes you sent to me. What a help they are to follow along with your broadcasts of God’s Word. The moment I received them, I went into my room, shut the door, and read how beautiful God’s ways are. I really want to follow God and I rejoice that your ministry helps me to do this. Please pray that I will lead my family in a godly way and raise my children with a heart for His people and a deep understanding of His Word.”

Amen! Today let’s praise God for Linderson and other faithful fathers who are leading their families in the ways of the Lord.

18 Dec

God’s Word brings hope to Myanmar

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As we land in the country of Myanmar, an eager Thru the Bible listener shares his testimony of faith:

“I read the Bible, but I didn’t understand the meaning of it. By listening to the radio every night, I have come to understand the profound meaning of God’s Word and have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I have benefited not only in spiritual strength but also biblical knowledge, and for this I am very grateful. I thank God that His Word is bringing hope to the many that so desperately need it.”

Today, let’s praise God for His Word broadcast in Myanmar—previously one of the most culturally isolated countries in the world, but which is now emerging on the world scene. And let’s thank Him for reaching us when we were far from Him, too.

Our journey of prayer and praise continues here tomorrow. Please join us!

17 Dec

Mobile phones carry the good news!

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Our celebration of God’s answers to our prayers continues today as we meet with Helen who listens to Thru the Bible in the language of Mandarin.

She shares in an email:

“The reason why I believe in Jesus is that I have heard God’s Word on your programs. I often go to the Internet cafe to download your programs to my mobile phone so that I can listen to them. When I listen, I think it is God that is talking to me personally. I am grateful for this better understanding of Jesus Christ.”

Today let’s praise God for the many creative ways He’s given us to share His Word, and let’s pray that He continues to help us find new ways for the millions in China who have yet to hear His Word.

Pray with us tomorrow as we journey to Myanmar.

16 Dec

Praising God for His promise to help

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Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

And that’s exactly what we celebrate today with a young woman named Giedrė from the country of Lithuania. She says:

“Thank you for teaching me God’s Word. It is very helpful during these hard times. I am 20 years old and have come to believe in God and all of His creations, and in His trials. I pray and thank God, and I’m surprised every day that I’m happy and not afraid of being weak. People can easily disappoint us. But God does not disappoint. I don’t know what I would do without His help.”

Join with us in praising God for His faithfulness! As we pray today, let’s specifically mention the many ways God is a refuge and strength in our lives.

Our worldwide prayer tour continues tomorrow.

15 Dec

Your prayers are making a difference!

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Your prayers are making a difference! That’s what we hear from Algeria today.

Let’s rejoice in the salvation of this sister who shares:

“I am 81 years old now and regret that I have lived most of my life [in a dark religion]. In [my former] faith, I saw only disaster; my soul was tormented all the time until the glorious day of joy when I met God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ through your broadcasts. In Him I have found rest for my soul and a direction for my life. I pray every day for you and ask that other Algerians will find the peace only He provides.”

Praise God it is never too late to turn to Jesus! Thank Him today for the rest He provides each one of us as we walk with Him.

Join us tomorrow as we praise God in Lithuania!

12 Dec

There are no accidents with God!

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When did you get on the Bible Bus?

Penko from Bulgaria has a great story:

“I am happy to be on the Bible Bus for almost three complete trips! Let me tell you how I began. In my last year of high school, my family moved to another town and left me alone to graduate. Many long evenings I searched around our radio receiver for companionship. One night I ‘accidentally’ heard your program. Of course, ‘accidentally’ is not quite true, as I think it was God’s wonderful plan for me to find you. And after these many years, I still find new spiritual truths and, whether I am exhorted or encouraged, it has been a wonderful ride.”

It’s great to meet and pray for one of our fellow passengers on the Bible Bus. Praise God for finding all of us “accidentally.”

Next week our World Prayer tour continues to celebrate!

11 Dec

“My wife won!”

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The story never gets old. Listen to this grateful husband from Albania celebrate how God used his wife.

He writes:

“My wife is a dedicated listener to your program. Every evening she is in front of the radio receiver to soak it in. I was very stressed and didn’t want to join her. But she won! After hearing the Thru the Bible program once, I felt a great peace as if your words came from a different world. Now I am sitting beside my wife every evening. My stress level has dropped and my worries have shrunk. Again, the light of God shines in me! Thank you for all you do.”

Doesn’t that make you smile? Praise God for the encouragement of fellow Christians. Let’s pray for more around the world—beginning right here at home!

Tomorrow, a good word from Bulgaria.

10 Dec

“Be of good cheer!”

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Even in the vastly unexplored culture of Myanmar—formerly known as Burma—we find God at work in amazing ways. As Myanmar’s borders open—selectively—to the world, we get a wonderful peek inside this ancient Asian country.

Of course we all celebrate when we hear from strong and faithful Burmese Christians like this brother. He writes,

“I thank God every day for being able to listen to your radio program. My Christian living is supported in unique ways, unaddressed by any other source here. Wasn’t the teaching on Romans life-changing? Saved by grace through faith! His grace is so great. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to fellowship with Him while I live and eat and work today. Be of good cheer—God is with us.”

Yes, God is with us. Praise God today for how He meets us in our days—all around the globe.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate God at work in Albania!

09 Dec

Not lost in translation

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Sometimes when we communicate cross-culturally, something gets lost in the translation.

Not so today when we read this fabulous letter from Anett in Kalocsa, Hungary. She writes:

“The work of radio is such a great possibility for the preaching of the gospel. I believe God loves it! Maybe sometimes the attacks are hard, but God is wise. Just believe and you will see God’s miracles! But let us each be awesome instruments! Because as we are told, He who began a good work in me and you . . . will finish it! Everyone who prays is an important soldier of God.”

Doesn’t her encouragement just fill you with faith and courage? Let’s keep praying, soldiers of God! God is the one who goes before us and it is His job to finish His work!

Tomorrow, we’ll visit mysterious Myanmar.

08 Dec

The celebration continues!

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Our celebration of God’s answers to our prayers continues today with a good word from Indonesia.

A listener there writes:

“My faith is strengthened by listening to the Bible on Thru the Bible, and now I am eager to be closer to God. I used to be ashamed because I never even opened my Bible, except when I went to church. But because of your encouragement I now open and read it every morning, and it is the delight of my day. My faith is made stronger day by day.”

How’s that for great encouragement? Let’s all make it our goal to say that God’s Word is the delight of our days! Praise God that He satisfies our longings with the truth that will never fade.

Tomorrow on World Prayer Today we’ll be celebrating what God is doing in Hungary.

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