01 Oct

Pray for peace in West Africa

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If you are a Christian in West Africa, then you are likely living in a hotbed of persecution and conflict.

Today, let’s join together in praying for brothers and sisters in Nigeria where the persecution and killing of Christians by Muslims continues to take place. Horrific stories are coming out of the Plateau State in central Nigeria, where Thru the Bible broadcasts in the local languages of Hausa and Yoruba.

If you are ready for a challenge of faith, pray specifically for the nomadic Fulani people who are largely responsible for this unrest in West Africa. Today they have access to God’s Word in the Pulaar language distributed on our portable media players. Pray boldly that God gets a hold of their hearts and they turn to Him by faith.

Tomorrow we pray for Mozambique.

30 Sep

New faith for a new language group

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World Prayer Team—are you ready to stretch your prayer muscles? Today we’re going to pray for the Fon people who live in west Africa.

So that we can intercede intelligently, here’s a little bit about them. Their traditional Fon religion is Vodun—which is voodoo—and many people who say they are Christians blend Vodun practices in their new faith. Most believe in many gods—who live too far away in the heavens to communicate with or who can be trusted to help them.

So let’s pray now for the Fon people as they hear the Word of God taught in the Fongbe language. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to the truth of the gospel and help them to leave the darkness of their history behind them.

Tomorrow we’re on the road to the Atlantic coast of Africa.

29 Sep

A prayer for peace

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Psalm 37:37 says peace awaits those who trust God.

And that’s certainly our prayer today as our World Prayer Team lands in the Central African Republic where poverty and war make daily life desperate for many of the 4.6 million people who live here.

Recent in-country reports from ministry partners tell us that more than half the population has fled their homes, and violence occurs daily between Muslims and Christians as the crisis continues.

As we pray together today, let’s remember our brothers and sisters living in Central African Republic. Ask God to provide peace in their hearts and throughout their land. And let’s pray that somehow through these dark days His name will be glorified so that more people will come into a saving relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow we’re off to west Africa.

26 Sep

A beautiful but troubled island . . .

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At the eastern end of the Mediterranean lies the beautiful but troubled island of Cyprus.

Cyprus has ancient roots, but feels very European. At its core, Cyprus is divided—in culture and in spirit. The Greeks claim ground and so do the Turks. Muslims in the north battle Coptic Greeks in the south.

As a World Prayer Team, let’s intercede for the people of Cyprus as they hear God’s Word taught on Thru the Bible. Ask God for a spiritual revival to spread through this region like it did in the first century.

By the way—remember Barnabas in the book of Acts? He was one of the Apostle Paul’s significant ministry partners. Barnabas was from Cyprus. Let’s be like him—called the “son of encouragement”—and boldly intercede for his countrymen.

Next week, we’re back in Africa.

25 Sep

Where three continents meet

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Israel is an incredible place. Think about it—three continents meet here and three faiths began here through the patriarch, Abraham.

In fact, the Bible’s entire story — completed and yet to come — revolves around this land. No wonder God chose to place His name in Jerusalem, a city set apart as no other city on the face of the earth.

We’re told in Scripture to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Now, as a World Prayer Team, let’s pray for the people—and the country—of Israel. Specifically, pray that Thru the Bible finds the right producer and the Hebrew language broadcast can continue.

Yes, think about it—on one event that happened in Jerusalem all of history swings—the weekend when Jesus Christ suffered, died, and rose again according to the Scriptures.

Let’s pray today for this special land and its very special people.

Tomorrow our team travels to beautiful Cyprus.

24 Sep

In search of real peace

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We’re going to take a little detour on World Prayer Today. We’re scheduled to pray for Arabic-speaking people from Syria—but instead, let’s intercede specifically for Arabic speakers living in the Netherlands.

Yes, you heard right. Many Syrian refugees live as ex-patriots in dozens of different countries. As a people group, they are a large harvest field—desperately seeking peace and hope in a world that has turned upside down for them.

Here’s how you can pray for the large number of Syrian refugees living in the Netherlands. Thru the Bible provides our Dutch partners with the ability to offer Arabic, English, Somali, Turkish, Romanian, and Persian programs on their local website. People can access Thru the Bible in these languages via podcasts, downloads, CDs, mp3 players, apps for mobile phone, web radio, and online streaming. It’s great! Pray today for the success of this strategic and important outreach.

Tomorrow, our prayer journey goes to the land of the Bible!

23 Sep

An unprecedented movement of God

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If you’ve been on the World Prayer Team for long, you know that Thru the Bible is broadcasting on Arabic satellite television.

In a world where religious freedoms are withheld and you can’t openly distribute Bibles or teach the Bible, this kind of broadcasting is an ideal method for getting God’s Word out.

And as you may know, there is a growing spiritual interest — unprecedented and strong — in the Middle East and North Africa. This is the time to pray boldly and in faith. Pray specifically for the effectiveness of the Thru the Bible television program. A combined population of about 365 million people, most of them Muslim, have access to this satellite program. Pray for the gospel to spread to seeking, open hearts. Pray boldly and with confidence that God is at work!

Tomorrow we have a surprise destination!

22 Sep

Strength for those living lives of faith in secret

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People in the west have a hard time imagining what it would be like to have to keep your faith in Jesus Christ a secret.

But for Christians in the Persian world, believing in Jesus means believing in secret—or else facing consequences. We cherish the communication we receive from followers of Jesus who listen to our Persian broadcast. In fact, one recent text—passed on through secret channels—asked us to pray for 18 young adults in Iraq. These strong believers said “we love our Lord Jesus and are ready to die for Him.”

Pray for these brave brothers and sisters, won’t you? Intercede for them with passion and faith. Ask God to give them the strength, wisdom, and boldness they need to live out their faith in such difficult circumstances.

Tomorrow we’re traveling on our knees to Saudi Arabia.

19 Sep

When darkness creeps in

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Where do you turn when darkness surrounds you?

Thanks for joining our World Prayer Team as we travel to Dana Point, California, where a listener of Thru the Bible shares his story:

“I began listening to your programs in the blackest darkness and have since found the light through the glorious gospel of my Savior Jesus Christ. Over the past 5 years my father died, my business failed, and my house went up for auction. But God is faithful and my confidence in Him only grows stronger each day. Feeding on His Word is like eating of that Passover Lamb. His words are my food, leading to freedom.”

Let’s lift up all of those who are facing difficult circumstances today. May we find freedom from our circumstances and gain the peace that is only available through our faith in Jesus Christ.

Join us Monday as we travel to the Middle East and North Africa.

18 Sep

Trusting in the Lord in Ontario, Canada

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Today our world prayer journey stops in beautiful Ontario, Canada, where we meet with a young Thru the Bible listener who shares:

“I’ve always wanted to grow closer to God, but didn’t know how. I want to thank you for preaching the Word of God and showing me the way. I never knew that each book of the Bible could be so useful in today’s world. Your program is teaching me so many important life lessons—the most important of all is learning to trust God. I still have a ways to go to strengthen my faith, but I feel like I am getting stronger and more capable each day.”

Isn’t that great to hear? Let’s pray that the broadcasting of God’s Word will help more people to fully trust in God—in every place on this earth where His Word is heard.

Our prayer expedition across North America continues tomorrow.

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