29 Jul

A plea for prayer in Indonesia

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As we touch down in the beautiful island nation of Indonesia today, we have the opportunity to visit with a pastor who is grateful for our prayers:

“Thank you for praying for me and my congregation. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me going. Serving the Lord is hard here. So many people teach false things that it can be overwhelming. I try not to be anxious, but many in my flock are from rural areas and have not heard much about God, so these teachings are confusing to them.

“That’s why your programs are such a blessing. You help me understand the Scripture and teach in a way that makes sense. I also invite my congregation to listen to your broadcasts and hear the truth for themselves. Please continue to pray for us and pray that God’s truth will prevail.”

It’s true! Your prayers are an important part of getting God’s Word to people like this pastor and his congregation. Please keep it up!

Our journey of faith and intercession continues tomorrow. Please join us and invite a friend to pray with you!

28 Jul

“When my family found out … they almost killed me.”

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Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re grateful you’ve joined us as our prayer journey takes us to Micronesia to meet with a faithful Thru the Bible listener who shares his dramatic story:

“My name is Jagannath and I always liked to take an active part in religious debates and dominate people of other faiths. This habit of mine made me a proud person. Whatever work I began, I did in the names of my gods and goddesses.

“One day while I was listening to the radio, I accidentally found your program and heard that real peace is possible only when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ. When I asked my master about this, he shouted at me and said, ‘Do not ever take this name in front of me.’ I wondered why he was so angry. I decided that I will find the root cause and studied the Bible and met with your team. It was then that I decided to follow Jesus.

“When my family found out, they became violent and almost killed me, so today I live in another village. I am still a regular listener and am happy to grow in God’s love day by day. Please pray for my family so that they also come to know and realize the real truth and peace.”

Praise God for Jagannath and others around the world who boldly choose to follow Jesus despite the sacrifice and risk. Let’s ask God to bless and protect them and open the hearts of their loved ones as well.

Tomorrow we’re off to Indonesia. Join us right here.

27 Jul

“Radio is our only hope …”

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With the variety of technology available to us today, it might seem strange that radio is still one of the most effective tools for sharing the gospel. But for millions, it’s the only way they will hear the Good News.

As one listener in Vietnam puts it:

“At first I would like to say thanks to God for reaching us in remote areas through your radio program. We truly believe that it’s God’s way to save us. Without a church or electricity, there is no other way for us to hear His Word and we are so grateful for this good and clear signal.”

And another Vietnamese listener agrees:

“After a long day of work, I turn on our radio in the evening and our family gathers to listen to your program. Your teaching is very effective; it’s changing me from the inside out. We live in the mountains where life is difficult, but your words encourage me to serve the Lord and care for my neighbors. Please keep broadcasting—radio is our only hope of reaching others in our village.”

Today let’s echo that prayer and ask that more people in remote areas of Vietnam and around the world will be reached for God’s glory as they listen to Thru the Bible.

Join us tomorrow as we pray our way through Micronesia! See you then.

24 Jul

“God brought me forward in the storms …”

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The beauty of the gospel and Bible teaching is that it is contagious. Share it once and it can be multiplied through ministry to others.

A brother in Christ in Taiwan shares this great story of multiplication of ministry:

“I had been listening to your programs via the Internet since 2005. They have helped me serve in my city church. I became a Christian during the economic depression in mainland China. I was going through a lot of difficulties at that time when some Christians shared the gospel with me and I accepted. At that time I had faith in God wholeheartedly. This led me to see in surprise how God brought me forward in the storms. In that moment, I was determined that I would believe in the Lord throughout my life, and to live to glorify God and bless others! In the beginning, reading the Bible was not interesting to me. Until I listened to your program, I was enlightened. Praise my God! However busy I am, whenever I listen to your programs, I feel the strength given out from God’s Word through your programs. They nurture and feed me. This helps me to share with the brothers and sisters in the fellowship.”

Your prayers also serve in the ministry of multiplication. As you pray for brothers and sisters in Taiwan today, you are helping to equip and encourage their ministries to others. Keep praying!

Our prayer journey takes us to beautiful Southeast Asia next week. Join us!

23 Jul

Pray for those still in the grip of darkness

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The privilege we have to read the Bible, worship with other followers of Jesus Christ, and proclaim our faith in God is not enjoyed by everyone in the world.

In fact, there are still places on earth where you put your life in jeopardy for even listening to the gospel being shared and God’s Word taught.

One listener, who is now living in China, defected from his homeland of North Korea. Listen to his story and remember to pray for those still in the grip of darkness.

He tells us, “I am writing this to thank you for the grace I received through your program. Through your teaching, I discovered salvation in God. Every day I listen to many pastors’ sermons and new hymns, so full of grace. I bought a solid-state radio for one of my elderly friends and taught him how to use it and tuned it to your program. These days he tells me how happy he is in the love of God.”

Let’s join with our brother in China in remembering those who follow the Lord in secret. Pray today that His Spirit would minister peace to their hearts and give them an understanding of His truth that will not only sustain their faith, but empower them to live for God in tremendously difficult situations.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for Taiwan.

22 Jul

Sharing the Father with her father

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Our lives are lived in community; we influence each other. And nothing is more attractive than a life lived in God.

Here’s a good report from Mongolia—a daughter who found her heavenly Father and shared the Good News with her earthly father:

“It wasn’t long ago that I heard the Good News on the radio for the first time. I had never before heard about God. I’m thankful to you who have shared the gospel with me. Soon after tuning in to these broadcasts, I started attending the Bible training at the radio station every Saturday, and my spiritual understanding grew deeper. Moreover, I started experiencing real change and miracles in my life. Last winter when so many herders lost their cows from the frigid weather, our cattle survived. It was like a miracle! We thank the good Lord, because He took good care of us. We are getting to know Him better every day thanks to the daily program.”

Yes, the Lord is good to those who trust Him. He is good—all the time. Just look for it. Together, let’s thank the Lord for blessing His children, and pray others in Mongolia turn to the Lord in faith.

Our prayer journey takes us tomorrow to North Korea.

21 Jul

Back on the air in Japan

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If you’ve been on the World Prayer Team for long, you know we’ve been praying for a new opportunity to go back on the air in Japanese.

In previous years we broadcast Thru the Bible on a satellite audio channel to Japan, but when the company was purchased, the new owners removed all Christian programs. Japan is one of the world’s most challenging mission fields, and broadcasting Christian programs in a practical and effective way to Japanese speakers has been a great challenge.

But recently, thanks to your prayers, Thru the Bible is back on the air! The people of Japan and surrounding regions will be able to access the five-year journey through the whole Word of God on four FM stations.

Let’s continue to pray for the Thru the Bible program to have great effectiveness in the hearts of those in Japan, and also for those impacted by the many other new ministry initiatives around the globe.

Tomorrow we travel inland to the expansive nation of Mongolia. Pray with us!

20 Jul

Pray for new ministry strategies in China

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A generation ago, a curtain fell on mainland China during its “Cultural Revolution.” All communication with the Western world stopped. In spite of the strict cultural constraints, faith in Jesus Christ was still alive, nurtured secretly and at great cost.

When the Cultural Revolution ended in the 1980’s, the Good News began to spread through unofficial channels, and thousands responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thru the Bible’s Mandarin programs are broadcasted through a missionary who works as a tent-maker in northern China. Recently he contacted us with this encouraging report:

“Many brothers and sisters are starting to use Thru the Bible all across the country, even some new church plants and Bible study groups are being set up and using the program as a guide. Thank you so much for helping to get this program into our hands.”

Lift up this missionary and the people in China who are learning more about God and falling more in love with Jesus as they study the Bible along with us. Pray for some exciting new ministry strategies that are currently being explored to more effectively reach the world’s most populous country. Pray also for the safety of those who listen, some who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

Tomorrow we travel to the island nation of Japan.

17 Jul

“Our God lives …”

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In northern Iraq not far from Irbil, God’s Word is quietly and regularly broadcasting in the Kurdish language.

Please pray for Kurdish Christians today. Thru the Bible broadcasters report that there is great unrest in this area and a wide range of persecution of Christians is common.

And with our petitions today, let’s also praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of Thru the Bible listeners like this gentleman who wrote:

“I thank the Lord for the blessing of this program, and its fruitfulness in our lives. Every morning you lead me into beautiful meditation and help me understand the Word, leading me in it throughout the day. Our God LIVES! And because of that we can face any difficult circumstance that comes our way.”

On Monday, we’re off to China. Come pray with us and invite a friend.

16 Jul

Urgent: Pray for Syrians

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For many Syrians, life is desperate. While the violence rages on, they need and ask for our prayers.

As a listener named Kamel puts it:

“Many are starving here, but how lovely and like delicious food is the Word of God. Joy fills me every time I listen. Syria is not safe, but when I am close to the Word I believe in His promises and I am not afraid!

“Some days are harder than others, but you keep my spirits up when I am desperate and fill me with the hope of the Lord. I pray that the violence would stop, but more than that I pray it would stop because those fighting would come to know Jesus and be filled with His joy and goodness. I also pray for the innocent … that God would wrap them in His mercy and love tightly so that they too would trust in Him. Please join me in lifting them up and relying on God’s sovereignty in all of our circumstances.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Let’s echo Kamel’s prayer as we go about our day.

Join us tomorrow as the World Prayer Team travels to Iraq.

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