25 Jul

A blind man helps others see in the Czech Republic

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In Presov, Czech Republic, there is a family that faithfully listens to Thru the Bible. In fact, it’s a family tradition!

The son writes:

“My father, Imrich, is 84. He was born blind and began listening to your program in 1970. He recorded them each night on an old tape recorder, often staying up after midnight to catch the broadcast from Monte Carlo. Then he would play them the next day. His ministry with these recordings helped me, as well as many others, to receive the Good News. May God the Father bless you with all spiritual blessings and with many newly saved listeners.”

Let’s join this man in that prayer, specifically for his home country, the Czech Republic.

Join us next time when we travel to India.

24 Jul

Reaching the Roma

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Who will love the Roma people, often referred to as gypsies?

Many people groups have suffered hardship, but the nomadic people of Romania have always lived on the fringes of society. Most are uneducated and poor. They are unwelcomed in social groups—even churches. But just as Jesus ministered to those who were deemed “unworthy,” pray today that Thru the Bible reaches those whom society rejects.

A recent report came from Greece about a Roma commune:

“I know that from 15 to 25 families are now listening every night to your programs. I hope and pray that they will be transformed through the power of the Holy Word of God.”

As a World Prayer Team, pray that God will touch more gypsies through the Romani broadcast of Thru the Bible.

Join us tomorrow for a visit to the Czech Republic.

23 Jul

Who needs a crutch?

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In far northern Europe along the Baltic Sea, the people of Lithuania are responding to the gospel as they listen to Thru the Bible.

Uri from Vilnius tells us,

“Programs like Thru the Bible are like crutches that help a disabled person walk his difficult road. Such is needed in my country! Thank GOD for crutches! The Bible I learn each day strengthens me. Sometimes it matches my life. I now have an understanding about sin and the price of Jesus’ blood. When you know the truth, you can choose a way to walk. I personally feel I’ve been provided a choice. And I choose to follow Jesus.”

Isn’t that a great word? Yes, thank God for crutches! Lift up this man and the other hungry souls in Lithuania today—pray that their hearts would be satisfied in Jesus.

We head south to Romania tomorrow.

22 Jul

A message from modern, ancient Greece

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In the air waves that flow around Mount Olympus rides the life-giving message of Jesus Christ, offered to everyone who hears it in the modern, ancient land of Greece.

Not unlike those to whom the apostle Paul wrote centuries ago, some modern Greeks are blending the teachings of different cults and churches and embracing a mixed message—often far from what the Bible teaches.

We hear from many Greek listeners of Thru the Bible, surprisingly, by phone. A man from Athos called and asked,

“I am a monk on a holy mountain. Would you send me information about Jesus, please? I would like to know more about this man.”

Pray today for this man and for many others whose spirits are stirred by the name of Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow when we travel north to Lithuania.

21 Jul

Where’s the hope for Bulgaria?

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What if you had no hope that anything was going to change . . . or life would get any better?

That’s the mood that floods Bulgaria today, especially among the young. Our Thru the Bible team there asks that we pray for a spiritual awakening, and that the indifference to Christianity would turn to great revival!

A young man from Svoge wrote to us about this great news:

“Because of your program, I understand about God’s truth and received Jesus with great faith and conviction. These 30 minutes every day are very insufficient for my big desire to learn more from the Bible.”

Let this man’s story inspire us to pray for more Bulgarians to respond to the hope found in Jesus Christ. Let’s pray for a spiritual awakening in Bulgaria!

Tomorrow’s journey takes us to beautiful Greece.

18 Jul

“Why did it take so long?”

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Praise the Lord! People in Mongolia can now hear Bible teaching in their own country. But one woman asked, “Why did God take so long in bring my people the gospel?”

In fact, the wait has been longer than many realize. In 1266, Kublai Khan–the great grandson of Genghis Khan–sent this message to the western world:

“Send me 100 teachers of the Christian faith who are able to clearly show that the laws of Christ are best. If persuaded, I will follow Him.”

Sadly, out of fear, no one responded. Now, 800 years later, the Lord has graciously opened the door once again for Mongolians to hear the good news. Pray for the light of Christ to flood this spiritual wilderness and for many to respond.

Join us next week in Bulgaria.

17 Jul

Riding on the waves of revival

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There’s a revival happening in Seoul, Korea! Interest in spiritual things continues to grow—that’s what we hear from trusted sources.

Thru the Bible is being used by God both to draw people to Jesus and to ground them in truth.

One very motivated new believer named Song wrote to say:

“The peace of God be with you! I enjoy listening to ‘McGee’s Bible Study’ every day and I am growing spiritually. Thank you for teaching me these lessons. I run a small shop by myself so when it is time for ‘McGee’s Bible Study,’ I turn it up for everyone to hear. I often review the lesson again from the Internet. The program encourages and strengthens me through God’s Word.”

Pray that God’s Word continues to stir people’s faith in South Korea.

Tomorrow we press onward to the wide open country of Mongolia.

16 Jul

Urgent prayer request for Japan

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As we recently shared with you, the voice of Thru the Bible was silenced on radio in Japan. A secular company purchased the satellite channel that broadcasted to Japan and removed all the Christian programming.

As a team of prayer warriors, we’re bringing this request before you again, asking that you please pray for Thru the Bible in Japan. One listener wrote:

“Where did you go? Our family faithfully listened to Thru the Bible for many years yet now the station has been replaced. Please explore ways to bring this valuable Bible teaching back to our city. We need the daily reminder that God is in control—especially in light of recent tragedies. Please ask many to pray.”

So, there you have it—our invitation to pray for new station relationships in Japan. Thank you for interceding with us today.

The next stop on our prayer journey around the world: South Korea

15 Jul

Where owning a Bible will land you in jail

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Famous evangelist Dwight L. Moody once said, “Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.”

We’re so glad you’ve joined us today as our world prayer tour brings us to a land where a rumor of faith, much less the possession of a Bible, puts a believer at risk for imprisonment and torture.

Yes, the spiritual climate is desperate in North Korea. But make no mistake: Very quietly and humbly, there are those who have committed God’s Word to their hearts and who pray for God’s Word and God’s Spirit to move mightily in their country.

So today let’s thank God that even the most oppressive of governments can’t block the broadcasting of His Word to those who are desperate to receive it. And let’s kneel together and boldly ask for freedom and transformation in North Korea.

Tomorrow’s stop: Japan.

14 Jul

Feeding hungry hearts in China

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Today our journey brings us to China where we meet with a hard working farmer who shares His journey of faith.

He writes to us:

“Since I’m a new Christian, my church leader recently told me about your Cantonese program and I began to listen. The timing is perfect because by 10 PM I’m usually home from the field and can listen to the program with my Bible in front of me. I loved this week’s teaching on Jesus’ parables. Thank you for bringing the bread of life to my everyday life.”

Today, let’s praise God for hearts in China—and all over the world—that are hungry for His Word.

Tomorrow we’re headed to a country that has dominated world news recently—North Korea.

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