22 Apr

“The Bible isn’t dull anymore…”

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Welcome, World Prayer Team! Thanks for traveling with us today to China where Bible study resources are scarce and broadcasting God’s Word can be difficult.

But despite the obstacles, Thru the Bible broadcasts in Mandarin and Cantonese and continues to look for new ways to reach the world’s most populous country. As one Chinese listener puts it:

“I have been visiting your website to listen to your programs regularly. Thank you for helping me understand more about God’s Word and know much more about Him. Each program brings surprises. I receive joy in the spirit, true beyond my understanding, blessings, and energy each time I listen. I love to read the Bible. It’s not dull anymore … especially the Old Testament has come alive. Thank you for spending the time and effort on each program.”

Isn’t it great to hear how God is working in China? Today let’s ask Him to remove the barriers to reaching more people with His Word and expand the borders of where Thru the Bible broadcasts can be heard.

Meet us here next week as we travel home to North America and pray for friends and neighbors who ride the Bible Bus alongside us.

21 Apr

“Capture the hearts of those who don’t yet know You”

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Thanks for joining us on World Prayer Today. Our journey brings us to the Land of the Rising Sun … also known as Japan.

It’s here in the beautiful mix of traditional and modern culture that we stop and ask the Lord to capture the hearts and the lives of a people who barely know Him. Most estimates confirm that less than 2% of Japan’s 127 million people know Him personally.

So please join us in praying for Thru the Bible’s Japanese broadcasts that can be heard on a small number of secular FM stations and on the Internet. Ask the Lord to multiply the opportunity to broadcast His Word and multiply the hearts that are willing to receive Him.

Tomorrow we pray for listeners of our Cantonese broadcast in China. Hop aboard and join us!

20 Apr

Praying for God’s Word to spread throughout Taiwan

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The island nation of The Republic of China, more commonly known as Taiwan, is considered a thriving modern metropolis. But here in the hustle and bustle of economic and cultural growth, spiritual growth seems to be stunted.

The majority of the Taiwanese population follows a unique blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. And Christian growth has been slow, with only an estimated 6% of islanders claiming to follow Christ.

That’s why your prayers are needed for Thru the Bible broadcasts in Mandarin and Cantonese. As one listener of our Mandarin broadcasts puts it:

“Before the start of each broadcast, I pray first. I pray that the Lord will help me listen clearly, and also watch over the frequency during the broadcast time. Lastly I ask Him to bless others who are listening … maybe those who are lost and have never heard the program before. I pray that His Word is heard by many here in Taiwan.”

What a great prayer! Let’s echo it today. Ask God to help each one of us listen clearly to His Word and then pray that others will be blessed, too, especially in Taiwan where so few know Him personally.

Tomorrow we head to Japan, join us here at TTB.org/pray.

19 Apr

Praying for the first generation church in Mongolia

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“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” -Philippians 1:6

Situated between Russia and China, the mostly barren country of Mongolia has been a spiritual wasteland for years. But since 1990, Christianity has begun to flourish and the church is growing. Even more impressive, this church that is less than a generation old is already sending missionaries to unreached areas of their nation!

So today let’s pray Philippians 1:6 for Thru the Bible’s Mongolian producer, Bat Tuvshintsengel, and his team as they seek to educate a nation in biblical truth. Let’s also pray for the pastors and church leaders who desperately need education and who are tuning in to Thru the Bible for wisdom they can share with their congregations.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues tomorrow in Taiwan. Join us here and invite a friend along.

18 Apr

“The Bible used to feel so distant but now feels so close to me”

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As the World Prayer Team travels through South Korea today, we’re joining some listeners in praising God for His goodness.

Here’s a text we received from a listener in Seoul:

“Whenever I listen to ‘McGee’s Bible Study,’ even the most difficult passages are so easy to understand. I am thankful that because of the study, I can enjoy reading the Bible. I am looking forward to it!

“Just recently I started listening while driving with my family and my elementary school daughter has started to talk about what we are learning. What a joy! Our favorite thing is to talk about it. It’s is such a blessing to realize that God is a refuge and strength for everyone who relies on Him. Surprisingly my young daughter takes as much comfort in this as I do! Please keep broadcasting, we are listening.”

And here is a great email from a listener named Risa who writes:

“I am grateful that I can learn the Bible through ‘McGee’s Bible Study.’ I feel more strengthened every day by the in-depth explanation of God’s Word. I am amazed by the fact that the Bible, which seemed to be so distant, feels so close to me. I give thanks from the bottom of my heart to Pastor Kim and to those who make the program possible. I look forward to hearing the broadcast every day and praise God for His faithfulness in making His Word available across South Korea.”

Yes! Let’s join Risa in praising God for His faithfulness and ask the Lord to multiply His Word in South Korea and around the world!

Invite a friend and join us tomorrow as we travel to Mongolia.

15 Apr

Different culture and language but same heart need

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Today as we travel through the hot desert of Saudi Arabia, we bask in the shade of spiritual encouragement from dear brothers and sisters who are on the Arabic-speaking Bible Bus!

Though their culture and language is different, their hearts reflect the same need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, taught in God’s Word. Meet and pray for your fellow Bible Bus riders:

Jaffar writes, “I met Jesus through your program a long time ago. I cannot imagine my life anymore without our time of study in God’s Word! I consider it my daily friend with whom I sit and from whom I learn the Word of God! May your program continue on air and may it tell the news of salvation to the hearts of many!”

Majdy tells us: “Many thanks and warm wishes for your team of supportive friends and workers! The TTB Arabic radio program is one of the most effective, life-changing, and soul-growing programs! I am sure that many people are being transformed through their study of God’s Scriptures! May the Lord bless you and give you all the support you need to keep going and help you be a lighthouse for the lost!”

Their letters don’t reflect it, but these brothers and sisters are living in a difficult world, made even more difficult by their commitment to following Jesus. Pray for them today—that God would strengthen them for every challenge.

We’re back on Monday to fellowship with our family in South Korea. Join us!

14 Apr

It doesn’t matter where you are—God’s Word will find you

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When God wants to get His Word to you, it doesn’t matter where you are. Want proof? Here are two stories about the ministry of God’s Word to Greek people told to our Thru the Bible staff in Cyprus.

Katrin shared, “I am from Connecticut and I heard the program for the first time while visiting my parents in Greece. Would you please send me a New Testament in the Modern Greek language to my home in America? I am interested in meeting God.”

Maria from Corinth called to tell us, “I was visiting in America and became reborn when I heard your program. Now I listen as much as I can on Thru the Bible’s website.”

Pray today for the Greek people living on Cyprus and throughout the Mediterranean. Thank God for reaching hearts that are willing to receive His Word.

Tomorrow we continue our world prayer journey in the Middle East. Come ready to pray.

13 Apr

Is God at work in the Middle East?

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Welcome to World Prayer Today. Just in case you’re wondering if God is at work in the Middle East, enjoy these notes from your brothers and sisters in Jordan:

From Nadin: “Thank you so much for inspiring us with your wonderful program about the Lord Jesus. I pray for many joys and the Lord’s riches to bless you like you do for all of us through your intercession and teaching. I can’t close my eyes without listening to you before bedtime. I then sleep peacefully with trust in Jesus.”

From Mady: “Whenever I listen to our Bible study program, I stay all ears and feel sad when it ends. The way you explain the Bible makes me cling to my faith more and more each day. Meditating with you on how Peter the apostle evangelized makes me feel more with my brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria and urges me to pray for them so their faith would be sustained and their hope would stay blazed. I pray that your ministry reaches them and many others in the Arab region. Be blessed.”

From Salim: “Dear praying team—My family and I have been listening to the Bible Bus on a daily basis. We believe that TTB was sent to us by God, and since we’ve started listening to the program our lives have changed positively. Even our tie as a family has become stronger. Sadly we have unintentionally skipped several episodes due to the war we are going through. Thru the Bible is our teaching pulpit. May the Lord bless all who are praying with His riches, just like you’ve been blessing us.”

No doubt about it. Your prayers for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are bearing fruit. Keep praying!

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to Cyprus.

12 Apr

Praying for God’s special land and people

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Jerusalem. Galilee. Haifa. Beersheba—Israel is the land of the Bible, where the story of God’s people began and ultimately where man’s story on earth will end. It’s a land and a people that are close to God’s heart.

Yet in this important land, Thru the Bible is challenged with finding a Hebrew producer for the broadcast. Today, please commit fervent prayers that God would lead us to a translator and speaker who is trained and like-minded and who would be excited to join us in bringing God’s Word to the people who are the “apple of God’s eye.”

We’ll keep you updated on the search. Please pray until a translator is found!


11 Apr

“Live fully for God in the UAE”

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On the Arabian Peninsula on the southern end of the Persian Gulf sits the opulent nation of the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to the discovery of oil twenty years ago, the United Arab Emirates–once dependent only on fishing–has grown into one of the most stable countries in the Middle East. Its capital, Dubai, is a popular tourist destination and global business center.

As we travel on our knees across the UAE, here’s a snapshot of this emerging nation:

    • Islam is the state religion, with a Sunni majority and a Shi’a minority.
    • Of the 43 people groups in the United Arab Emirates, 25 remain unreached by the gospel—most of these people do not know how to read or write.
    • Sharing the gospel with Emiratis is illegal, and those who do can be arrested, imprisoned, and deported. Even so, an estimated 8% of the population are followers of Jesus.

Here are two brothers in Christ who encourage us to keep praying for the people of the UAE.

Karim shares, “We live daily and are nourished spiritually by the Word of God through TTB’s radio program. My family and I are working on committing ourselves to listening on a daily basis so we can learn and live fully for the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you so much and God bless you.”

And Samir writes, “I was happy to know that we can listen to Thru the Bible all day through your website! I’m blessed to be able to tune in all the time! God’s Word has changed my life into a different person who is seeking to live according to God’s own heart! Thank you!”

Pray now for these Christians living in a spiritual wilderness. Pray that laws would be lifted that ban people from sharing their faith in God and for discernment among those who love Jesus.

We travel to the opposite end of the political spectrum tomorrow when we pray for Israel.

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