03 Jul

“I am cheering you on…”

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“While I strengthen my body, you strengthen my mind!”

That’s what an encouraging listener from Ipsach, Switzerland, recently called to say. She continues,

“I have suffered from Parkinson’s disease for three years. Now while I do my daily therapy exercises, I listen to Thru the Bible. I want to thank you for your broadcasts which bring me so much joy! At the beginning of June 2013, I heard your program and was fascinated. You present the Bible in such a vivid and clear way. Sometimes I laugh out loud and sometimes I quietly reflect on what you have said. While listening to the programs I get new perspectives and many ‘a-ha’ moments! Please know that I am cheering you on each day and praising God for His glorious Word.”

Today as we pray, thank God for the strength that His Word gives all of us. And let’s ask Him to bless the Italian and German broadcasts of Thru the Bible that are heard throughout Switzerland.

Be sure to join us on Monday as our World Prayer Team prays for the country of Belarus.

02 Jul

“My beloved Spain is a difficult country to reach.”

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Welcome World Prayer Team members! Today we’re in the magnificent country of Spain where God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible reaches new listeners every day.

Check out this letter from a new listener, a young woman from Barcelona who recently wrote:

“I just found your program and I am amazed and grateful for this teaching. May this email also bless and encourage you. And may the blessings of our Lord guide and strengthen you in the pursuing of all your goal and projects.

“My beloved Spain is a difficult country to reach. Many don’t want to hear God’s Word, and even those who have accepted Christ still mix their worship with occult practices. I pray the Lord will use your programs to show them the evil they are flirting with, and may He open new doors for your broadcasts that are still closed.”

What a great prayer for Spain! Let’s join her in asking God to use His Word to guide believers in ending their practices in the occult. And let’s ask Him to open doors so the Good News of Jesus Christ can be heard in every household of Spain.

Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today as we head to Switzerland.

01 Jul

“I hated my job…”

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“I hated my job.”

That’s what one listener of Thru the Bible in the Netherlands recently wrote.

“But as it says in Romans 8:28, God worked it for my good so I can listen to your programs. I never wanted to go to work. But after a friend introduced me to you, I now leave early to make sure I can hear every word of your broadcasts before I arrive. I start the day with joy and I continue to look for ways to share it with others while I work. I can truly say God’s Word has changed me. Today it’s ‘Not I, but Christ who lives in me!’”

Amen! No matter what we have going on today, let’s pray that we too can trust God with the details of our lives and allow Him to live through us. And let’s pray for more people in the Netherlands to hear God’s Word and decide to live in Him and for Him today.

Pray with us tomorrow in Spain.

30 Jun

Small world—many opportunities

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Today as we pray through Europe, we can smile to see how God uses technology and modern media to shrink the world.

We’ll hear from several listeners today, all who listen to Thru the Bible in German—the first from India!

A listener in India who listens to the German broadcast called to say:

“I am really pleased with my study of Scripture through the help of the Thru the Bible program. I can follow the storyline of the Bible very well. It is remarkable how God’s story ties history together.”

Marta writes from Germany:

“I love Thru the Bible. I listen in the mornings and then in the night. Perhaps you can teach me what this mp3 is and then I could listen throughout the day.”

And an email from Werter reads:

“My wife and I thank you very much for the interpretation of the book of Acts. The programs do us good, just as Jesus meant His Word to do. We write you in His name and His love.”

Pray today that technology and modern media would take God’s Word to new and unexplored places. Intercede for those who are hearing the good news for the first time!

Thank you for praying through the world—one country at a time. We’ll be praying again here tomorrow—be sure to join us!

29 Jun

“Your prayer support keeps me going …”

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Bonjour, welcome to France! Today on our world prayer journey we stop and pray for a listener named Mimose who contacts Thru the Bible regularly asking for our help.

She says,

“Dear ones, again I contact you requesting your prayers for my family. Our difficulties continue and even though I am heartbroken your support keeps me going. Thank you for letting me know that there are those who pray for your listeners all over the world. What a blessing it is to know that I am not alone. I want you to know that your messages in God’s Word are a lifeline not only to me, but also to others who are experiencing problems. May God bless you for your work.”

Thank you for your committed prayer support of Mimose and all of our listeners, whether 29they live in Paris or Pennsylvania or anywhere in between. Today let’s pray that God’s Word bring us all closer to His heart and that each one of us will experience the peace and comfort only He can provide.

Tomorrow we’re off to Germany. Want to invite a friend to join us on our World Prayer tour? Have them sign-up at TTB.org/pray.

26 Jun

“Thank you for praying for us. God has heard.”

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From the southern part of India today we hear a story repeated around the world:

“My name is Muthapp, and until recently I was living with a lot of troubles—namely, working through some difficulties with family. My neighbor introduced me to your program. I listened that same day, and the day after, and the day after that. The Lord was speaking to me in the pages of His holy Word. My family also joined in with me as I listened. Now, we as a family are ready to publicly declare our faith in Jesus Christ. I have a great support system here with my neighbor, his pastor, and our church. Thank you for your program and the influence you’ve had in our lives. Glory to His Name!”

God uses His Word every day around the world to draw people to Himself. As we travel on the World Prayer Team, have you also noticed how He uses friends and neighbors to introduce people to the way to know Jesus? Consider who you can share the Good News with today. Perhaps begin by telling them about Thru the Bible.

We’ll continue our travels together around the world next week on World Prayer Today.

25 Jun

“There’s pin-drop silence in our home when God’s Word is spoken!”

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In western India where most people practice Islam, God’s Word is having a great impact in people’s lives.

Here are just two encouraging testimonies of how God is at work:

  • “Since 1970, I have been listening to Christian radio programs, but I did not know God. Only in the year 2000 when I listened to your program did I understand what it means to give your heart to Jesus Christ. I accepted Him then and am still walking in step to this day. Your programs have guided me to grow more in faith in the One who saved me. God bless you all.”

  • “My name is Emmanual and I worship the Lord Jesus Christ from India. My wife and I have listened to the Word of God through your program for only this last year. During these programs, there is pin-drop silence in our home. We sit on the edge of our chairs, writing notes, and reading God’s Word along with you. We have been blessed beyond our expectations. May God bless abundantly all of those on the Bible Bus with us.”

Intercede for people who are seeking God in western India. Pray that eyes and hearts would be open to God’s Word taught in the Urdu language on Thru the Bible.

Be sure to join us tomorrow as we pray for another family in India as they turn to Jesus.

24 Jun

“I trusted Him and He did not put me to shame.”

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We’re traveling through India today. Our sister Madhabi, a young widow, tells us her moving story:

“I am a new listener of the Thru the Bible Bengali program—just one year now. I belonged to another faith but I was wedded to a Christian boy. He brought me to church and read the Bible with me, but I was not very interested in knowing about God.

“At 27, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, suffered, and died very soon. The entire burden of providing for my children and looking after my family came upon me. I worked very hard with little result. I also was harassed sexually by my employer. He spread rumors about me. I was in deep trouble and sorrow.

“My neighbor introduced me to your program in January 2014 and assured me that God would give me victory over these problems in life. I started listening to the Word regularly and remembered how my husband loved Jesus. I cried to the Lord with a broken spirit. I cast my burdens unto Him and waited patiently for an answer.

“I thank and praise God—after knowing Him, I trusted Him and He did not put me to shame. Now I love the Lord Jesus Christ, go to church regularly, teach my children about God, and continue to grow in the Lord. This program has helped me immensely. I am very happy. Thank you for your prayers.”

The World Prayer Team has often prayed for the people of India. What a great encouragement to see one life that the Lord has brought to Him since we’ve been praying together.

You’ll hear more of these encouraging stories from India, when you join us tomorrow here on World Prayer Today.

23 Jun

Blind … but seeking no more

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“Teachings about Jesus Christ weren’t new to me. I was born and raised in a Christian family. But it wasn’t until I lost my sight that I began to seek the Lord for myself.”

A man in India writes a common story—we think we’re doing fine without a Savior until a tragedy reveals our need.

He goes on to say,

“Just when I thought all was lost, God sent a person into my life who reminded me about your program. I began listening to the Thru the Bible studies on the book of Deuteronomy. I repented for all those years where I never glorified God. I turned and saw the Lord, there all the time with His arms outstretched. I pleaded with my family to start actively studying God’s Word with me. Every day is an opportunity to thank God for the new knowledge gained through your program. I also ask Him each day to help me conduct my life in a way that His name may be glorified.”

Pray today for those in the middle of something overwhelming. Ask God to use this need to introduce them to our Savior.

Our World Prayer Team continues in India tomorrow—traveling on our knees to a remote village in West Bengal.

22 Jun

From India: God does it again!

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Hebrews 4:12 says that God’s Word is powerful … “a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Every day, all around the world, God uses His Word to expose our spiritual need and then provide the answer.

He did it again recently in India:

“My name is Lalsing from Gujarat, and I have been listening to your program for the past year. Farming does not really support an alcohol addiction, and I wasted my life on liquor. I was suffering from depression, debt, and insomnia. A friend of mine introduced me to your radio program. When I tuned in, I heard that Jesus loves me, and it touched my heart. I began to listen every day, because it spoke to me and gave me peace. When the producer invited me to accept Christ into my life, I did. Ever since, I have been listening and growing in the Lord. Continue to pray for us here.”

Today, pray for others in India, as well as every other area of the world that the Lord brings to your mind, to respond to God’s Spirit at work through His Word.

Tomorrow, we’ll hear about a blind man in India who came to see Jesus.

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