27 Aug

A good reason for a “hallelujah”

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It’s easy to forget that in some places around the world, the Bible and Bible study resources are rare and hard to find.

When Thru the Bible DVDs and Dr. McGee’s Notes & Outlines translated into Spanish arrived in a church in Uruguay, the announcement that they would be given out was greeted with arms thrust into the air and shouts of, “Hallelujah! Gloria a Dios [glory to God]!” Some shouted out, “We have been waiting for this for years!”

Praise the Lord that God’s Word is hungered after by people who are waiting and eager to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

If someone you know would be interested in receiving the Thru the Bible notes and outlines in Spanish, direct them to A Través de la Biblia. And continue to pray that God’s Word would continue to be carried, taught, and treasured in places where the good news is hard to find.

Join us tomorrow in Suriname.

26 Aug

“Only the Holy Spirit was able to guide me to you.”

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The Bible promises that when we search for God with our whole hearts, we will find Him (see Jeremiah 29:13).

Today, we can celebrate together the lives in Costa Rica that have been changed because God was found by the many who are seeking Him there. Here are a few who have written to us about it.

Tomas wrote in an email:

“Searching for information about how to know God, looking for Bible studies on the internet, and I found you. As I listened to the audio I was so impressed with the way you share the gospel. I have found your program to be a reliable fountain for knowledge and growth for my spiritual life. Thank you for this and for praying for my country on your prayer travels. I too am asking God to strengthen you in love.”

Sylvia also wrote an email:

“May God shower abundant blessings upon you. As I was searching for information on the internet about some Bible studies, I opened this page. I feel that the Lord led me here and is speaking to my life through your program. Since then this is my favorite page on the internet! I tell my friends because I know that it will be of much blessing to their lives as it is to mine. Only the Holy Spirit would be able to guide me to you.”

Do you want a good reason to praise the Lord? Travel with the prayer team to Uruguay tomorrow!

25 Aug

Going deeper in Guatemala

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Isn’t it wonderful the way God uses His Word to produce the exact fruit in our lives to meet our need?

Two emails from Guatemala prove this to be true:

From Samuel:

“Good day to you all in Jesus’ name. May the Eternal God continue to bless you with such rich messages like the one I just finished listening to on your program. This is the first time that I have listened to you and it has been a deep blessing to my soul. God used it to answer a question I had about Himself. I’ve recently begun to study the Scriptures in search of the One who saved me.”

From Bea:

“Together with my sisters, I listen to your marvelous program which has accompanied us since I discovered it in Mexico many years ago. It has produced a maturing of my spirit. God’s Word serves so many people who are starting this path, but also those who have already been on it for some time.”

Pray for those beginning and those who are farther down the path of their Christian lives in Guatemala. God will meet us each day no matter where we are.

Tomorrow we travel on our knees further south in Central America to Costa Rica.

24 Aug

God’s Word endures across generations

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“Greetings from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (on the border with Texas),” begins a letter from a man who has been a Thru the Bible student since he was a little boy.

“I’ve been listening to you on my iPhone since November 2012, and I follow you by downloading the podcasts to feed my spirit. Thanks to the Eternal One and to you, my soul delights listening to the study of His Holy Word, faithful and true. When I was a child, my mother would listen to you on KBNL in Laredo, TX. Now I am 35 yrs old and it is incredible how this program has stayed in my heart. I belong to the generation that listened to you while growing up. Now I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my soul and heart and will continue to ride the Bible Bus, inviting my children on board, too.”

Praise the Lord for Christian heritages like this young man’s—and the dedication of parents to bring their children up in the Lord. Pray for young families across Mexico (and in our own hometowns) who want to raise their children to love God and His Word.

Tomorrow, join us here again as we head south to pray for Guatemala!

21 Aug

Raising teenagers?

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Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. — Proverbs 22:6

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we have the privilege of introducing you to a faithful family who listens to Thru the Bible from their home in Botswana, Africa. Many of you may quickly notice the resemblance they share with your family.

“Your teachings are a precious treasure. We always value the time we sit and listen to your teachings. My family is growing in knowing Christ—even my teenagers! I feel humbled having them listening with me to your Bible teachings. It is my deepest desire that my children will hear your words and grow to serve the Lord as adults. May God bless the many families who are studying the Bible and who are praying the same prayer for their children.”

What a wonderful prayer. Let’s join her in interceding for all the families who listen to Thru the Bible. May God’s Word penetrate their hearts and souls … and may He become the foundation of their young lives.

Next week we’re traveling through Latin America. Join us, won’t you?

20 Aug

Truly, Christ transforms

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“Truly, Christ transforms.”

That’s the message we hear today as our World Prayer Team meets with a listener in Mali who is eager to share His story.

“I knew that I was an unbearable person because of my hard character. I shouted at everybody and insulted my wife in public, which often resulted in tears, but I didn’t care. One day I was so mean that when she asked me to listen to your program with her that night, I felt I could not refuse or she would leave me. As I listened to your words I felt a great sense of calm come over me. It was then that I began to feel remorse for my actions. Right then and there I gave my life to Christ and I thanked my wife for her patience with me. I give God the whole glory for my delivery and the restoration of my marriage, but I thank you for your faithfulness in sharing His Word for sinners like me. Truly, Christ transforms.”

What a powerful message. It’s true! Christ can transform each one of us! Today let’s praise Him for the transforming work He’s doing in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Mali and all over the world. And let’s humble ourselves and ask Him to change our hearts, too.

Tomorrow’s stop: Botswana. Join us right here.

19 Aug

“God uses us in ways we might never imagine.”

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“Sometimes it seems like our efforts are in vain, but take heart—God uses us in ways we might never imagine.”

That’s the encouragement we receive today as our World Prayer journey brings us to Guinea Bissau, Africa, where we meet with a listener who is excited to tell us the rest of his story.

“I was a poor lost sinner. But one night a friend of mine began coming to my place with his radio. He invited me to listen to Thru the Bible in Portuguese. I didn’t want to listen, but I also couldn’t refuse because he was my friend and I didn’t want to make him unhappy. So we listened and a few months later he had to move.

“Shortly after that I was able to buy a radio of my own. Out of habit, I began listening to your program with my family. Immediately my wife gave her life to Jesus and not long after I followed her.

“At the beginning I did not fully realize what I was doing. But day by day, the Spirit of God was touching my life and I changed completely. Today we are a very happy family waiting for the Bridegroom to take us home. Thank you for sharing God’s Word. Please don’t stop! Even when you are not certain your programs are bearing fruit, please remember that until we reach eternity we may never know the impact our actions have had on the lives of others. As it says in Philippians 1:6, ‘Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.’”

What a great reminder! Let’s thank God for His faithfulness and ask Him to complete the good works he has begun in each one of us. And let’s pray that more listeners in Guinea Bissau will hear our broadcasts and respond in faith.

Tomorrow the World Prayer Team is off to Mali, we’ll see you then.

18 Aug

Pouring tea and truth in Madagascar

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Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. —1 Corinthians 10:31

Welcome to World Prayer Today where our travels take us to a small town in northern Madagascar to meet a faithful sister in Christ who has committed her life and her tea shop to the glory of the Lord.

She shares:

“I write to you to ask for prayer. Every evening in my shop I turn on your radio program so that I can listen. At first my customers did not want to hear it and would buy their drinks and leave. But over time they’ve begun to stay and listen along with me. In our town many people still worship the idols of their ancestors . . . even those who go to church. One evening you spoke on idol worship and it caused a great stir. Many people accepted Christ that night and many began to change their habits. What a joy to watch God at work! Will you pray for me? I want my life and my tea shop to be continually used for God’s glory so that more of our neighbors will come to know Him. Please join me in asking God to make His Word shine so brightly in our darkness that everyone will see His truth.”

That’s a great request! Today let’s surrender our hearts and echo her prayer for her neighbors in Madagascar and for ours here at home. May God use all of us for His glory.

Tomorrow our journey continues in Guinea Bissau, join us here!

17 Aug

Good news from Malawi

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“A mile wide and an inch deep…”

That’s how many people characterize the growth of Christianity in Africa, because there’s a shortage of trained pastors and church leaders.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re so glad to have you join us as we travel on our knees praying for God’s Word to reach the whole world. This week our travels bring us to the continent of Africa, where Thru the Bible is privileged to broadcast in over 25 different languages and dialects.

Today, let’s take a few moments to praise God and celebrate that His Word can be heard in even the poorest of countries like Malawi where Thru the Bible is heard in the national language of Chichewa.

As one young man recently texted us:

“Glory to God! I just received Christ listening to your program. May God continue to favor all who work for Him.”

And another listener wrote:

Thru the Bible is the light that brought me to knowing Jesus Christ as a Savior of my life. I listen each day and pray the Lord will work in my heart and make me a better man.”

And finally this letter from a business woman:

“I listen to you every day. I am a baker with a small shop and sometimes I get so lost in your program I have to stop making my fritters so that I can listen to the scriptures and read along. I encourage my customers to listen as well. May God bless you for giving us hope and life through His Word.”

As God brings them to mind, please pray for all of Thru the Bible’s listeners in Malawi today. And praise Him too for the life changing work He is doing in our hearts as well.

Come pray with us tomorrow as we travel on our knees through Madagascar.

14 Aug

On the right bus?

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We’re traveling on our knees to our prayer destinations, but Mr. Sólyom in Hungary wrote us about another trip that he took.

“I want to express my abundant joy about our joint efforts in the Lord. Let me tell you about an experience I had. I got on the bus, took my seat, and in the meantime I was praying, when all of a sudden I looked out of the window and saw that the bus was not going in the right direction. I felt myself panic. I looked at the other passengers, they were calm and quiet. Did I make a mistake? (At my age sometimes that happens). When I looked out again and I recognized the route and calmed down. Then it came to mind, how good it is that the bus in which we are travelling towards eternity is in the hand of Christ. I remembered this story a little bit later while listening to your evening program, where a brother preached about trains which start off in different directions but only one is right—the one which leads to the Kingdom of God. This was just an example of how God teaches me through my day-to-day experiences. It is so wonderful to listen to the preaching. I carry you in my prayers each day. May our Lord bless you all as we support each other!”

Pray today for those in Hungary to “get on the right bus!”

Next week we’re on the road again—to Africa!

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