09 Feb

The power of witness

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In Ethiopia today, we are reminded again of the power of a faithful witness—when you see someone in need and offer them a word of wisdom.

That’s what happened here:

“I have a small shop in my town with regular customers who buy food and other commodities. One day, one of my customers witnessed to me about the salvation that he received from Jesus Christ. He told me his nice story and advised me that if I want to hear more about Jesus Christ, I need to listen to the TTB radio program. He told me the meter band and time of your program. May God bless him! According to his advice I listened that day. I have never had such important advice! I became a regular listener to the program since that first day. How great it is living with Jesus Christ. No one knew it, but I was addicted to alcohol and drugs until I met Him through listening to TTB. Now I am healed and free from drug abuse. Praise God.”

Pray today for opportunities to share that good word in season. And by faith, know that God uses each word of witness for His glory and our good.

Our prayer journey through Africa continues tomorrow in Senegal where a witness is badly needed!

08 Feb

Remember the joy?

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Remember the joy you felt when you first met Jesus as your Savior?

As God works through His Word and through His people’s prayers, He is introducing new brothers and sisters to Himself every day.

Hear the joy in this text from a new sister in Cape Verde, the islands off the west coast of Africa:

“I have a treasure. Yes, I have a treasure inside me! My treasure is very valuable. My treasure is Jesus Christ, my Savior. Thank you for Através di Biblia (Thru the Bible’s African Portuguese program), which gives me hope in Jesus Christ, my Savior. Thank you for introducing Jesus to me. Before I knew Jesus I did not know that I need light in my life. Today I am happy that Jesus saved me. The peace of the Lord be with you, friends.”

Remember to pray today for those around the world who don’t yet know Jesus who may be listening to Thru the Bible today. Ask for their hearts to be moved to respond in faith to Jesus’ offer of salvation, taught throughout the Bible.

We’ll travel across the continent of Africa on our prayer journey tomorrow and remember those in Ethiopia. Please join us!

05 Feb

Nothing is too big for God

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Since 1983, Thru the Bible has been broadcasting God’s Word in the Navajo language. And while listener responses are rare, we know this ministry effort is not in vain.

Thanks for joining us today as we travel through the Navajo Nation located in parts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, asking God to continue His work in the lives of these people He desperately loves.

To give us some details, Thru the Bible’s Navajo producer, Thomas Woods, asks us to intercede in a few specific ways.

“Thank you for your prayers. The physical and spiritual needs of the Navajo can seem overwhelming, but we know nothing is too big for our God. Please pray that each broadcast will be a source of inspiration and biblical knowledge for believers and pastors in the Navajo community. Then please pray for revival . . . that many would come to know Christ. And lastly please pray that as they come to Christ they would receive His hope . . . the only Hope that will heal the hurts of the past and give them a bright and glorious future in His presence.”

There we have it! “Nothing is too big for our God.” Thank you for standing with Thomas and all of us today as we join together in prayer for the Navajo nation.

Next week we’ll pray our way through Africa. Please join us.

04 Feb

Praying our way through Quebec

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“ … All things are possible to him who believes.”  -Mark 9:23

That’s the promise we can cling to today as we return to Canada and continue to pray for French broadcasts of Thru the Bible.

As we travel through Canada’s largest province, Quebec, we are reminded that church attendance here is by far Canada’s lowest. But let’s not forget God is at work here … as one listener puts it,

“I love listening to Thru the Bible. I type what I hear and have put it in book form to give away. I am surprised at how much I’ve missed by not reading through each book and chapter. Thank you for your commitment to God’s Word. May more of us in Quebec begin to see His glory and live for Him.”

Yes! Today let’s ask God to use Thru the Bible’s French program as an instrument to encourage more people in their faith. As a result, let’s pray that more people will return and begin to revitalize the local church in their communities.

Invite a friend to join us on this world prayer journey.

03 Feb

Do you remember when you accepted Christ?

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Do you remember when and where you accepted Christ? For some of us, it may have been a long, long time ago. Let’s recapture some of that excitement as we share the story of a listener named, Cindy from Arkansas.

“I am Honduran, but I live in the city of Sherwood, Arkansas. I accepted Christ as my Savior just a few months ago and since then I have been following your Thru the Bible studies. It is my great pleasure to tell you how much I have been helped by the studies along with the notes and outlines of each chapter of the Bible, especially the book of Genesis, because it helped me understand how it all started. Now I’m continuing in the book of Matthew.

“You do not know how much I have thanked God for you. I remember you in my prayers so that you can continue helping all your listeners delve deeper into the Word of God in a clear and simple way and then to apply it to our daily walk.”

Praise God that His Word is changing hearts in Sherwood, Arkansas, and around the world! Let’s join Cindy in praying that more people will dig deeper into God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

If you’d like to invite someone you know to join us on the Bible Bus, please direct them to TTB.org where they can listen online in English, Spanish, or more than 75 other languages.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues tomorrow. Join us!

02 Feb

Praying for those in the “winter” of life

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Thanks for joining us today as our World Prayer Team travels to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Located between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia Mainland, Salt Spring is known to many as the “Island of Tranquility,” and in recent years it has become a popular tourist destination for those who enjoy the arts and outdoors.

Salt Spring Island is also home to more than 10,000 people including John, a Thru the Bible listener who recently wrote us:

“Thank you for your ministry you have provided. I listen every day to Dr. McGee and I enjoy it so much. I’m in the winter of my life, can’t get around much now, so I love hearing the Word. Thank you for the broadcast; the Lord is so good to me.”

Hearing from John reminds us of Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”

So, today let’s pray for listeners in Canada and around the world who, as John describes, are in “the winter” of their lives. Ask God to encourage and remind them of His love for them and purpose for this season in their lives.

Tomorrow we’ll be praying alongside a listener of our Spanish broadcast in Sherwood, Arkansas. Invite a friend to join us!

01 Feb

Time to pray and praise with the World Prayer Team

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Welcome to World Prayer Today. This week our journey brings us home to North America where we gather to pray with and for listeners across the United States and Canada.

Today we enjoy the Southern hospitality of Susan, a listener from Georgia who joins us on the Bible Bus. Here’s her story:

“I first heard Thru the Bible many years ago and would listen whenever I could, but I wasn’t a regular passenger on the Bible Bus. But now that I finally have a smartphone, I have discovered the mobile app and what a blessing it has been to me!

“Now I get into my car to go to work and before I pull out of the driveway, I click listen on the daily broadcast and hop on the Bus! Dr. McGee rides along beside me, teaching me about the whole Word of God. I have learned so much in just a few weeks in the books of Jude and Haggai. Thank you so much for the tremendous blessing of this ministry!”

Isn’t that great? Today let’s praise God for His ingenuity and creativity in helping us use technology for His glory. Let’s also ask Him to guide us as we seek to develop new ways to reach more people with His Word.

Join us tomorrow as we take a quick trip north to visit John in Salt Spring, British Columbia.

29 Jan

One million university students in Taiwan need the Lord

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Who would guess that one of the most challenging areas to share the Good News of Jesus Christ would be in the politically and religiously-free island of Taiwan?

Formerly known as “Formosa,” Taiwan is a densely-populated island off the mainland coast of China now called the “Free Area of the Republic of China” (free of Communist rule). Yet that political fact stirs up frequent tension, even recently as Taiwan’s claim to independence has brought a military response from China.

Thru the Bible is listened to online in Taiwan in both Mandarin and Cantonese where most people worship a unique blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. But the light is beginning to dawn. Here’s a response from one of the more than one million university students in Taiwan who are hungry for hope and meaning:

“Yours is my most favorite program online because it is most helpful. I feel touched and encouraged each day. I became Christian because of what you taught me about Jesus. After becoming a Christian, I have been internally changed a lot. For example, I respect my parents more. In addition, I do more good deeds and turn away from bad deeds while following God’s words. You have helped me follow God’s will better and walk into a bright future with Jesus.”

Pray for more seeking college and university students to be open to the Good News and for the strengthening and growth of God’s church in Taiwan.

Join us next week on World Prayer Today as we travel to the U.S. and Canada.

28 Jan

Listening in secret—praying for North Korean believers

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You’ve likely heard about North Korea on the news. About the current political antics of a tyrannical dictator. About a country split in half by a civil war sixty years ago.

To be truthful, we don’t know that much about North Korea by their own choice. Nicknamed “the hermit kingdom,” the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has chosen to isolate its people from the outside world. They rigidly control the information coming into and going out of the country. Missionaries are unheard of.

Because of this, a new generation has grown up never hearing the name “Jesus” and never imagining His gift of salvation.

But their grandparents knew a different North Korea. Before the Korean War (1950-53), their capital of Pyongyang had a different nickname: The “Jerusalem of the East.” But in the face of intense persecution of a new dark regime, thousands of its Christians fled to South Korea during the Korean War.

Today Christians can only live in secret. Underground churches worship in remote clandestine places, knowing if they are caught or betrayed by their countrymen certain imprisonment or “disappearing” will be the consequence.

Our prayer today is calling out to God for His power to reign over earthly despots. Pray for His protection over North Korean believers. Pray for the effectiveness of Thru the Bible’s broadcast that we know is secretly being listened to by followers of Jesus in a most inhospitable land.

Tomorrow on World Prayer Today we’ll visit the tiny island of Taiwan—a surprisingly difficult place to share the gospel.

27 Jan

A light in a bleak world—pray for Mongolia

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Across the vast prairies of Asia, Mongolia has one of the smallest populations: Three million in the country, roughly the same number as those who live in the Cleveland, Ohio, metroplex.

As a nation of vast deserts and pastures, Mongolia rests between the giants: China to the south and Russia to the north. Less than one hundred years ago, Mongolia was ruled by the Chinese. In 1921, it gained independence with Soviet support.

But even in these hundred years, Mongolia has been unable to get its feet on the ground. Up against grueling weather and a struggling economy, social issues have taken over. Crime, alcoholism, and prostitution dominate the culture.

But even in this bleak season, a light has broken through in the last 25 years. In 1990, only a handful of Mongolians knew the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Today, an estimated 40,000 are Christians.

Pray for the godly leaders in Mongolia to know how to wisely tackle these tough social issues. Pray also for young families who, without any Christian family model, want to raise their children to love the Lord. Pray for Thru the Bible’s impact in Ulaanbaatar, where half of Mongolians live. Response has been great in the first year of broadcasting. Pray for Bat Tuvshintsengel (TTB’s producer) and his tireless team.

Intercede with confidence today, knowing that your petition for this country where the church is less than a generation old will be heard and answered by the Lord.

Tomorrow, our prayer journey takes us to a forbidden land.

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