22 May

A prayer prompt from the Czech Republic

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One of the great things about being a part of this World Prayer Team is the opportunity we have to encourage one another.

Today our encouragement comes from a fellow prayer warrior in the Czech Republic who writes:

“I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Through Him we are brothers and sisters with one goal: to share His love with the world. I want to encourage you to keep praying for those who are lost, because I can say from my personal experience that there are often lonely people who accept the Holy Spirit through your programs and receive guidance in the difficult situations in their lives. So together let’s continue to pray that more people hear the Good News and receive it … especially in my beloved Romania. May God bless you for this work. To Him be all thanks and glory.”

What a great reminder that God is answering our prayers. This is a wonderful prompt to keep praying! As we bow our heads today, let’s also follow our friend’s lead and give God all the thanks and the glory!

Join us next week as the World Prayer Team travels through Southeast Asia!

21 May

The Word of God … on secular radio?

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Today our prayer focus is the country of Romania where you may be surprised to hear that Thru the Bible is heard on secular stations.

Because of this, our producer Sorin Covaci asks us to pray that each station manager will be diligent in playing the broadcasts in the arranged time slot and that we may draw an audience of listeners who may not otherwise hear God’s Word.

Let’s also pray for our Romanian listeners who are doing their part to share the gospel—like Bachita who recently wrote to tell us of his efforts:

“Thank you for the solar radio! I love your programs and was blessed to receive your teaching. Recently I felt as if I should offer this radio to a friend who does not know Jesus. After listening, he has told me likes these messages and listens every night. Will you pray for him to find the Lord through your program and be saved?”

Yes! Let’s join Bachita and Sorin and so many other brothers and sisters in Romania who ask God to bless the broadcasting of His Word today! Let’s pray that those who are listening will humble themselves and open their hearts to God’s Spirit.

Join in tomorrow as our world prayer journey through Central Europe continues with a stop in the Czech Republic.

20 May

“Every day I pray for you …”

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Welcome to World Prayer Today. Thanks for joining us as we pray our way through cities, countries, and continents around the world.

Today our journey brings us to Croatia where a grandmother named Slavica faithfully prays for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in the Croatian language and is asking others to join her!

“May the peace of our Lord and Savior be with you! Your broadcast means a lot to me because it is strengthening my faith in the Bible and in Jesus Christ. I am now sure of an eternity spent with Him!

“I pray for you every day, and I ask my friends to pray for you as well. I ask that God’s blessing be upon your work, that each and every listener will receive the blessing of God’s Word in their hearts, and that more will come to salvation through Jesus Christ. I pray you will never stop preaching His Word and that He will be faithful in multiplying it across the lands—especially here in Croatia.”

Amen! Let’s echo that prayer today!

Join us tomorrow as we’ll travel on our knees to Romania.

19 May

“God’s Word meets us in our need …”

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Does it often surprise you how, when you’re reading God’s Word, He meets you at the point of greatest need? Does it sometimes seem as if a particular verse or chapter was written just for you?

Welcome to Lithuania. Today on our World Prayer journey we meet a listener named Marius who shares that feeling.

“I love your program. The Bible verses you choose and explain are perfect. They help me personally and I’m often surprised that the stories match exactly what I am going through in my life. They help me to find easier solutions. I pray many more will listen to these broadcasts and, through hearing God’s Word, their burdens will be lighter.”

Today, join Marius as he asks God to meet our listeners at their greatest points of need. Together let’s walk in confidence that, as we look at our lives through the lens of God’s Word, each burden will become lighter.

Tomorrow our World Prayer Team travels to Croatia. Climb aboard for the journey, won’t you?

18 May

“Your programs are the only source of the gospel for us”

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Our world prayer journey brings us to Bulgaria today, where despite the growing sense of indifference to Christianity, Thru the Bible continues to see fruit from the broadcasting of God’s Word.

One listener, Ana, recently wrote:

“These broadcasts have touched my life. In my village, I listen along with other believers as your programs are the only source of the gospel for us.”

Another listener, Valetin, sent this note:

“God is so good. I’ve been struggling with anxiety lately. It’s been a little rough for me, but with this radio station and the positive messages in the programs I hear every day, I feel the grace of God and the love He shares. Without this station I would be truly lost. Thanks for all you do.”

Praise God! Today let’s pray alongside our Bulgarian producer, Blagovest Nikolov, who is asking God for a spiritual awakening in his country. With each broadcast, let’s petition the Lord to open the hearts of the Bulgarian people so they may see their need and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as we pray our way through Lithuania.

15 May

Where do you turn when tragedy strikes?

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Sometimes it’s the deepest valleys in our lives that bring us to the highest mountaintops.

Thanks for joining us today as we travel to the city of Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu, India, on our worldwide prayer journey. Cynthia shares her story:

“My husband and I enjoyed a happy life, but one day he suffered from a massive heart attack and died. I was completely shocked and wasn’t sure I would be able to take care of our two children on my own. One day I met a man who told me about Jesus Christ. I also began listening to your broadcast. Little by little I found the comfort and peace I needed. When I heard that only God could bring hope to the hopeless I gave my life to Him. Through your studies I also began to teach my children about God and how in Christ we can learn to be content in any situation we are faced with. May God bless you for bringing true joy into our home in the midst of our darkest hour.”

Take a moment right now to intercede for those who, like Cynthia and her family, are suffering from great loss. Ask God to comfort their hearts and give them hope found only in Jesus Christ. And as we pray together, may you also be assured of His concern for the difficult circumstances in your life.

Join us on Monday as the World Prayer Team travels to Bulgaria.

14 May

“Only through the dark period of our lives were we able to see the light …”

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Welcome to World Prayer Today. Our journey through South Asia continues as we stop in Kerala, India, and hear this encouraging report: God has been there all along.

“I had always followed the spiritual traditions and rituals of my parents, but I didn’t really understand the depth and meaning in them. But when my husband’s business crashed and we were left with nothing, we began to ask some very serious questions about ourselves and our beliefs.

“One day I attended a worship service, and I felt God talking to me through the message. Right then and there I accepted Christ as my Savior. I began a new life in Him. My husband also started listening and decided to surrender his life as well.

“As we learn more about God I can look back on my life and realize that He has been there all along and only through the dark period of our lives were we able to find the light. I pray others going through difficult times will see it as well.”

Today as we come before the Lord, let’s ask Him to be near those who are experiencing dark and difficult times in their lives so they may see God’s grace and accept Jesus as their Savior.

Join us tomorrow as we pray alongside believers in Tamil Nadu.

13 May

“I was pushing myself towards the power of darkness …”

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“I was pushing myself towards the power of darkness ….” That’s what one listener named Gudiya tells us today as our world prayer journey takes us to Punjab, India.

She explains:

“I was brought up in a strict religious atmosphere. I was required to fulfill all the rituals of my religion and I did so gladly. Everyone in our village used to present me as an example as a devoted and dedicated young woman. But I became ill and violent. As the days passed, I was becoming physically very weak.

“As my situation grew worse, my husband ran into a friend at the market and told him about my condition. This kind man and his friend made a visit to our home and began to pray for me. They also introduced us to Thru the Bible. From that day forward we became regular listeners. Through these studies we came to know the real God, His love, and power. Today, I am healthy and I share my story with everyone I meet. Christianity isn’t popular here, and it’s certainly not popular in my extended family. So many live and worship in darkness like I did. Please pray that the light of God’s Word will change their hearts.”

Let’s honor that great request. As we pray, please ask that the broadcasting of God’s Word will spread like wildfire and overwhelm the darkness in Punjab and all of India.

Our journey continues tomorrow in Kerala, India . . . hop aboard and join us.

12 May

Praying for our listeners in Nepal

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Bordered by China to the north and India to the south, many people travel to Nepal to study its unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. But recently, it’s the tragic earthquake of April 25 that has the world focusing on this quiet Himalayan country.

Reports from our partners on the ground have verified that many of our listeners have been affected. Some have lost loved ones, others their homes and livelihoods. So while these partners meet the immediate physical needs of the people of Nepal, will you pray that Thru the Bible will reach into hearts and homes to meet the deeper spiritual needs of the people in Nepal?

And as you pray, please remember to intercede for our brave brothers and sisters, like this gentleman and his wife, who are willing to share their faith with their neighbors during this devastating time:

“I have found your programs and am pleased to hear the Bible explained so clearly. Now my wife and I spend our evenings eagerly listening. We used to wait for the evening news … we are now blessed instead to hear the ‘Good News.’ Although I am 70 years old, I am grateful to learn such wonderful and new things from God’s Word. I share them with the families in my village and hope to be a blessing. Please keep broadcasting … we need these lessons now more than ever.”

Thank you for joining us in the privilege of prayer.

Our journey continues tomorrow in Punjab, India, please meet us there.

11 May

Faith: A family affair

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Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Thanks for joining us on this world prayer tour. Today our journey brings us to the exotic land of Assam, India, where we receive this word of encouragement from a listener named Laiput:

“As a twelve-year-old boy I vividly recall hearing my father listen to Thru the Bible on the radio. I didn’t pay much attention to it then, but later in my teens I began to listen to it with him. It was through these programs what I learned more about salvation and sin. Slowly and surely my doubts about Jesus subsided and I publicly accepted Christ.

“Shortly after, I began to distribute spiritual booklets in our village, and today there are seven Christian families worshipping the Lord Jesus there. Recently I attended seminary and have become an evangelist. I’m so grateful for my father’s quiet and steady Christian influence in my life. My father and Thru the Bible pointed me to Jesus.”

What a great story. Today let’s praise God for faithful parents around the world and ask the Lord to bless them as they raise the next generation of godly leaders.

Tomorrow, we travel to Nepal. Please join us!

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