09 Oct

Intercede for China’s faithful

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Today’s prayer tour takes us to the mysterious and wonderful country of China—home to almost 20% of the population of the whole world!

First, praise God that the Mandarin and Cantonese programs have been broadcasting into China via shortwave radio for several decades. Next, pray that God would open channels to broadcast to a wider audience. Finally, praise God for those who regularly listen online—downloading and sharing Thru the Bible’s daily studies with others.

A Chinese businessman shares,

“During the economic depression in mainland in 1998, I became a Christian. I was going through a lot of difficulties at that time. Some Christians shared the gospel with me and I accepted. At that time I had faith in God wholeheartedly. This led me to see in surprise how God brought me forward in the storms. In that moment, I was determined that I would believe in the Lord throughout my life, and to live to glorify God and bless others! In the beginning, reading the Bible was not interesting to me. Until I first listened to your program in 2005, I was enlightened. Praise my God! The grace of God is indescribable. Now I am serving at my fellowship and leading spiritual meetings. I also lead Bible studies. However busy I am, whenever I listen to your programs, I feel the strength given out from God’s Word. This enables me to serve others with confidence in the Word of God in me.”

Thank God for believers in China who are loving, growing, and serving the body of Christ there. Pray for their protection and that their faith would increase.

Join us next week as we pray across the U.S. and Canada.

08 Oct

Into the “Land of the Rising Sun”

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We travel today in our prayer journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, where the gods of Shintoism imprison many minds and the temples of Buddhism capture many hearts. We’re praying today that God brings life to the beautiful people of Japan.

Though over 80% of Japanese people claim no personal religion, this island land is filled with icons of Buddhism and Shintoism rituals. Only 1.5% of Japanese people call themselves Christians.

In recent years natural disasters, economic struggles, and an increased restlessness in Japanese youth have prompted the bigger questions in Japanese hearts. Praise God today that some are finding the answers online. Although our broadcast outreach is being frustrated by government channels, God’s Word is still strengthening those who listen to Thru the Bible online, as one Japanese grandmother shared recently:

“Thank you for Japanese Thru the Bible curriculum on my computer. My soul is refreshed and my faith is stronger and grows well, so I want to surrender my life to God only. The words of God strengthen me. Even at my old age I never feel alone because the words of God live in me. God always takes care of me and never leaves me alone.”

Let’s join together to pray that the name of Jesus would find a home in more Japanese hearts.

Join us tomorrow in China.

07 Oct

Tearing down strongholds in Taiwan

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7On the mountainous island 100 miles off the coast of mainland China, the people of Taiwan live in one of the most densely populated spaces in the world.

For generations, this culture has been known for its rich traditions, ingenuity, and hospitality. Yet strongholds of the enemy of our souls hold most of the population in chains of fear and superstition.

Pray today for these chains to be broken by the power of the gospel and for Taiwanese people to learn how to come into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray especially for the one million university students across Taiwan—ask that their hunger for knowledge and truth be answered in the truth of God’s Word. Many Taiwanese people are tolerant of many religions; pray that they see the one and only way to God.

Remember also Taiwan’s working class. A young woman, Pei, recently wrote,

“Thank you for your program. I first heard of Jesus through you. I had wanted to go to church but felt too dirty. But now with Jesus, I had courage to go to hear more from God’s holy Word. And now I am loved.”

We’re traveling to Japan tomorrow; be sure to join us in praying that God’s unconditional love be spread through Asia this week.

06 Oct

Too late to turn to God?

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Is it ever too late to turn to God?

That’s what a woman asked the Thru the Bible producer in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, earlier this year. She had come to the station’s family counseling night and sat through two workshops without saying a word. As she bundled up to leave, she whispered this question to our producer.

“As long as you have breath,” he responded.

Pray for the many people in Mongolia who are discovering peace with God and forgiveness of their sins when they turn to Jesus Christ as their Savior. This message of grace and mercy is new to Mongolia—only in this past generation have Christian radio and the Bible in their own language been available. Pray that a strong foundation will be built on faith in God and the truth of His Word.

Tomorrow we’ll travel on our knees to the beautiful country of Taiwan. Join us here again and get ready to pray.

05 Oct

“Thank you for my spiritual heritage from South Korea”

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“I remember many things from my years growing up in South Korea, but I cherish the memory of my family studying the Bible together most of all!”

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re praying through South Korea today, grateful for the spiritual heritage that many parents are passing along to their children here. Our recent letter from Kim reminds us of the importance of simply talking about godly things together.

She writes,

“Since I was a small girl, my parents have listened to Thru the Bible at our kitchen table. We were invited to join them if we were quiet during the teaching. Over the years, I understood more and more, and many evenings we sat at the table after the program, talking about what we learned. One evening when I was eight years old, I accepted the gift of salvation God made possible through His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for being a part of my spiritual heritage. My parents remain in Korea today, while I study at university in northern California. God bless you in your work and God bless your team of prayer commitments. I join you when I can.”

What great encouragement that is to parents of young children. Keep the conversation going—God is at work! Pray today for young families on your street, in South Korea, and around the world.

Bundle up! We’re headed north to Mongolia tomorrow. Join us as we pray together.

02 Oct

“Your Bible is false”

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Unlike its Middle Eastern neighbors, the desert island of Bahrain offers a more relaxed and moderate atmosphere. Women’s faces are often unveiled, and quite a few local churches can be found within its borders.

But with more than 83% of the population claiming to follow Islam and increasing hostility against believers, Thru the Bible broadcasts in this area need your prayers now more than ever before.

As the producer of our Arabic language broadcasts says,

“Please pray for Bahraini believers to be lights in the darkness despite daily hostility. And please pray for people like Hassad who listens regularly, but argues with us over biblical issues and sends us regular emails like this one: ‘Your Bible is false, but your stories are interesting. Why do you not consult the Quran?’”

Let’s join with our brother in praying for the Bahraini people. Ask God to send His Spirit to give courage to those who choose to follow Him, and soften the hearts of those who oppose Him.

Next week we travel to Northeast Asia. Invite your friends to join us.

01 Oct

Praying for Morocco’s youth

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Known as the gateway to Africa, Morocco’s sparkling seas and ancient sandstone buildings attract more than 10 million travelers each year. But despite its romantic reputation, Morocco can be a difficult place to live.

Welcome to World Prayer Today where today we are interceding for almost half the population of Morocco who is under 29 and have limited access to education or jobs.

Please join us in praying for the protection of children and young people who often seek emigration under very dangerous conditions. And please ask God to use Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in the languages of Kabyle and Arabic to bring hope to more young people like Jamil who recently wrote:

“May the Lord who gave us life be glorified in your lives and may you carry on this wonderful, awesome ministry! You are the light in the midst of the darkness we live in. I once was without hope, but now I know God is surely with me. Keep shining so that everyone will know who Jesus is and will hear the Word of the Lord.”

Isn’t that wonderful? Jamil is right, God is with us! As you pray, may you be reminded of that too.

Join us tomorrow as we journey to Bahrain. And invite your friends to join us at TTB.org/pray.

30 Sep

Prayer is God’s tool to reach Qatar

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Life for the people who live in many parts of the Arab world is one of harsh existence with few material belongings.

If they live nomadic lives, their main possession is a long tent made from woven goat or animal hair. Oftentimes through these desert regions, these tents dot the landscape—with one curious addition. More often than not, you’ll see radio and television antennas coming from a hole in the “roof.”

Pray today for programs like Thru the Bible that are having an impact in the Arab world. As you may know, we broadcast the teaching from Thru the Bible on Arabic television … and it is being widely broadcast and surprisingly well received. Pray for the effectiveness of this outreach.

As we travel today through the country of Qatar, pray for people’s salvation. As of yet, there are no known Christians among the native people of Qatar—the believing community there is made up entirely of expatriates. A profession of faith in Jesus may cost a person his family, honor, job, or even his life. Prayer is God’s tool in reaching this people, who are still far from Him. Intercede for them today.

Travel to Morocco with us tomorrow.

29 Sep

“I’ve always wanted a Bible, but they are forbidden in my country”

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“I’ve always wanted a Bible, but they are forbidden in my country.”

That’s a text we recently received from Murad, a listener of Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in Iran.
He continues:

“That’s why I was pleased to hear about your app for my phone. I have downloaded it and listen all the time. Your explanations are like a door to light for me. I feel happy when I am listening, and I do not want each episode to end because it is like treasure for me! Many others around me are listeners too, but they are hesitant to write because of the security issue. Thank you so much and please keep it up!”

What a joy it is hear how God is using new technology to reach listeners like Murad and other listeners of our Arabic and Persian broadcasts in Iran. Please pray that God blesses them as they seek to know Him better.

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to Qatar. Please join us.

28 Sep

Praying for our brothers and sisters in Syria

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Reverend Richard Halverson said, “No place is closed to intercessory prayer. No continent—no nation—no organization—no city—no office. There is no power on earth that keeps intercession out.”

That’s the hope we cling to today as our World Prayer Team travels to Syria. Ranking high on the world watch list for countries that persecute Christians, Syria can be a difficult place to live. But we praise God that His Word brings hope and healing.

As Jaffar, a listener of Thru the Bible, writes:

“I would like to take this chance to express how your Thru the Bible program affects many lives, as I am a person who met Jesus through your program a long time ago. I cannot imagine my life without Thru the Bible anymore! Thank you for encouraging us through these dark days. I consider you my daily friend with whom I sit and from whom I learn the Word of God! May your program continue on air and may it bring salvation to the hearts of many!”

Praise God that despite the abductions, murders, and mistreatment of Christians, God’s Word is making a difference in the lives of those who love Him. Please pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ and ask that through the broadcasting of His Word, the Lord will increase their numbers.

Join us tomorrow as we travel to Iran and pray with a listener named Murad.

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