21 Nov

“We have to tell them NOW!”

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As we touch down in Indonesia today, we hear from an elderly man who is eagerly awaiting our arrival:

“We have to share our salvation with everyone. The people in my village don’t want to hear it, but at 75 years old, I just accepted Christ and I don’t want them to waste the time that I did! Through His mercy and grace, God changed my filthy heart …. He can change theirs too! Please pray and proclaim the name of Jesus everywhere. People always think there is more time, but that’s not the case … we have to tell them NOW!”

Praise God for “missionaries” like this brother who share the love of Jesus with everyone who will listen. May we all have the urgency to pass on our gratitude for God’s saving grace in our lives.

Join our World Prayer Team as we celebrate again tomorrow.

20 Nov

An emotional praise from the Philippines

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Our celebration of God’s goodness continues today as we visit the Philippines and hear from an emotional young woman who listens to Thru the Bible in her native language of Ilocano.

She says:

“I have stayed in my room today because I’m crying. The Lord is so good to me. All this success that I am enjoying now is from Him. He changed my life and answered my prayers immediately. I need so much, but nothing it too great for Him. I will constantly sing His praises and thank Him. Continue to fill my heart with Your goodness, o God!”

Let’s praise God for meeting our needs today and praise Him in expectation for meeting them again tomorrow! And let’s intercede on behalf of those who need a reminder of His goodness and provision in their lives as well.

Join us tomorrow as we’re off to Indonesia.

19 Nov

Encouragement from a fellow World Prayer Team member

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We travel today to Silver Spring, Maryland, and rejoice with a young listener named Ava who shares:

“One night, my sins overwhelmed me. I decided to listen to your program and heard the story of Samson. It was too real–almost as if God was speaking just to me. At that moment, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and now God is using me in ways I can’t even explain. I still struggle with sin, but I am confident that He who has begun this good work in me will perfect it until the day of our Lord. Please know that I have joined the World Prayer Team and I pray that more people will accept Jesus as their Savior.”

Amen! What a joy to hear from fellow World Prayer Team members! Let’s join Ava in her prayers for God’s people!

Join us tomorrow as the celebration continues.

18 Nov

“I was a big sinner …”

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“I was a big sinner and now I am forgiven by the mercy and grace of my Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s the good news from Marie in El Paso, Texas. She continues:

“Through your programs I began understanding the Word of God, and my spiritual walk is giving me the joy and peace I never knew. I have hope in my life–which was a mess. Now I share what I learn from your teachings and your testimonies with my three sons. God bless you all.”

That’s what God does! He replaces the sin and mess in our lives with His hope, peace, and joy!

Today, let’s pray for everyone, everywhere, who hasn’t yet decided to follow our Lord—let’s ask Him to touch their hearts and change their lives.

Our World Prayer Team has a lot to celebrate!

17 Nov

It’s time to celebrate

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It’s an exciting time on World Prayer Today!

For the next six weeks we’ll celebrate God’s response to our prayers through the miracle of changed lives by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each story powerfully illustrates how God is at work and how grateful we are to partner with you in the privilege of prayer. Today we travel to Cambodia with a listener who shares:

“I accepted Christ through your programs. I am very happy that the Lord Jesus Christ has chosen me to become His child. I praise Him that I am free to live with Him and I am saved by Him.”

Praise God that through His grace we are all saved. And let’s pray that more people worldwide will come to know the freedom offered in Jesus Christ.

The celebration continues tomorrow and every day until the end of the year.

14 Nov

Continue on to God

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No matter where you live in the world, if you are walking with the Lord, then you will experience a spiritual struggle in your flesh.

We appreciate what Balázs, a listener from Venezuela, wrote to us recently:

“I greet you with 2 Corinthians 5:1-10. The earthly tent I live in has been destroyed. But I give thanks to the Lord for our eternal house in heaven. We need God’s mercy because many times the soul is ready but the flesh is full of weakness. Satan doesn’t want me to experience joy. But I believe that He who began the good job in me, will have it finished by the day of Jesus Christ. I want to be persistent. I believe your program is the Lord’s help to listeners to continue on to God.”

Look forward to a focused time of praise beginning next week.

13 Nov

Coming back soon

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Where is your hope? Today we’re on our knees for the people of Paraguay in central South America.

Listen to this great word from an excited new Christian:

“Before I met Jesus, my life was empty. I had a spiritual hunger but was confused by what my church taught me. I listened to your program and after that my confusion increased. I asked questions like: Who am I? Where am I going after death? Within one month of listening I gave my heart gladly to Jesus Christ. I am excited to hear from you that Jesus is coming back soon. If He comes today I am ready to go with him.”

Praise God for the living hope we have in Jesus. Pray for more followers of Jesus in Paraguay to catch the passion found in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow we’re on our way to Venezuela.

12 Nov

Come to God early and walk with Him long

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Our prayer focus today is the beautiful Caribbean island country of the Dominican Republic.

“This is my first letter to you,” writes a young local girl. “I am 13 and I am the child of God. I was 12 when I came to Jesus. I want to do God’s will but sometimes I don’t let my light shine. The Lord tells me to ’begin again.’ My family doesn’t belong to God, I am praying for them. I listen to your programme after my house chores and schoolwork are done. I try never to forget the broadcasting.”

What a wonderful young person on her way to a rich life in God. Today let’s pray for this young generation worldwide–that they come early and walk long with the Lord.

Tomorrow our prayer team travels to Paraguay.

11 Nov

“Please pray for my family . . .”

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Today from the beautiful Central American country of El Salvador we hear a prayer request that could have come from any place in the entire world: Please pray for my family.

Listen to more of this Christian brother’s request:

“I have listened to your program and I like it so much that I try not to miss even one. The lessons have taught me so much already. I’m the only follower of Jesus in my family. My wife and children refuse to listen to Words of Life. I hope their hearts turn to Jesus Christ one day. Please, will you pray for this important issue?”

Here’s a special request—if you, too, are praying for a family member to come to Jesus, then please also remember this family and a world of others.

Tomorrow we’re on our knees for the people of the Dominican Republic.

10 Nov

Fearless living

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Living for Jesus . . . along the way. That’s literally how the Bible tells us to live each day.

We love this word from a brother in Chile, South America. He wrote:

“Thanks for all you do to keep your listeners in touch with God. I heard your program in the book of Jeremiah as I rode the bus to my work today. I loved what your preacher said; he made me laugh so hard (people smiled at me). He fearlessly called it like he saw it. That’s how I want to live my life, too, when it comes to the things of God. Keep on keeping on.”

That’s right, keep on keeping on! Today let’s pray for followers of Jesus in Chile and around the world to keep on walking with God.

Our World Prayer journey continues tomorrow in El Salvador.

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