02 Sep

Encouragement from Ethiopia

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World Prayer Team, be encouraged by this word from an Ethiopian brother in Christ who says:

“Thank you for your broadcasts which instruct and challenge us. I want to encourage you to press on in the spiritual service you provide to God’s people. It is not easy to proclaim the good news of Christ in a world that is increasingly indifferent, even hostile, to Christianity. But with God’s grace no challenge is too difficult. Have courage, because we are on the side of the one who won—once and forever—over Satan and evil.”

Amen! Let’s pray for strength today as we serve Him. And let’s ask God to multiply our efforts in reaching more people in Ethiopia—and all over the world—with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our prayer team travels to Mali tomorrow.

01 Sep

“Please pray for me, I want to become a Christian”

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“I am a Muslim, but I listen to your programmes every day. Please keep praying for me, I want to become a Christian.”

That’s what we hear from one Thru the Bible listener as we travel to the landlocked country of Niger in West Africa.

Another listener writes,

“Thank you for building my spiritual life, from darkness to light, from devil to God. I came to know Jesus through your programmes.”

Wow! Isn’t this great news from a country where more than 97 percent of the population is gripped by Islam? Let’s praise God for these listeners and the many others like them who have come to faith in Jesus Christ. And let’s pray that many more in Niger—and across the continent of Africa—will turn to Him today.

Our World Prayer journey continues tomorrow in Ethiopia.

29 Aug

A burden for India

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“My father started listening to your program around thirty years ago,” writes a young woman in India.

“Through him, I came to salvation in Jesus Christ! Unfortunately, when my father died, my brothers forced me to marry an unbeliever. But, after much persuasion, my husband bought me a radio so that I could listen to your program. I earnestly prayed for my husband’s salvation. And the Lord heard my prayer—two years later my husband was touched by a message on your program and he accepted Jesus into his life. Today we host a Thru the Bible Listener’s Meeting for those who want to know more about the Bible. The Lord has placed a great burden to reach perishing souls through this program.”

Today, let’s praise God for this sister in Christ, and others who are reaching out to lost souls in India.

Next week, we travel on our knees to Africa.

28 Aug

Touching the “untouchables”

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“My name is Krishna and I belong to the lowest caste in India—we are called the untouchables,” writes a young woman in India.

“Our people have around 33 million gods and goddesses. The question that used to rattle my mind was how in the world would I be able to please them all? One day, my friend told me about your program in the Maithili language—my language! Later, I purchased a radio so that I could continue to listen. I was shocked to hear that someone would die for my sins and that He is the Son of God. My search for the true God ended. I invited Jesus into my heart, confessed that I am a sinner, and received the gift of salvation through Him.”

What a wonderful story of redemption! Keep praying for those whom society labels as “untouchable!”

Tomorrow our journey takes us deeper into India’s caste system. Join us in prayer!

27 Aug

Those wonderful, “loud” neighbors

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Have you ever lived next door to loud neighbors? You know, the ones who always play their radio so everyone on the whole street can hear?

Today, we visit a great Christian family on the western coast of India. Listen to their story:

“Our family prays for our neighborhood to hear the truth. They all now listen to the Thru the Bible Konkani program—they can’t help it. At 10:00 p.m. every night we increase the volume of our radio so that they may receive and understand the Word of God. Two families have come to believe in Jesus and I fully believe that one day God will turn other’s hearts as well.”

Wow—talk about a bold witness! No doubt you have a heart for your neighbors, too. When you pray for them, pray for this neighborhood in western India as well.

We travel to an “untouchable’s” home tomorrow.

26 Aug

Freedom from fear

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In far eastern India is a village called Manaisara. We hear how God is at work in this isolated area surrounded by forests and mountain ranges.

“Many people in my village are animists—they worship trees, big stones, the sun and moon. They also worship thousands of spirit gods. Because of this, we live in constant fear of evil. A classmate who is a Christian told me about Jesus and how I could find freedom from fear and joy and eternal life in His name. He told me to listen to your radio program. I soon accepted Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. God’s love has cast out my fear.”

Today let’s pray for those who seem the farthest from God’s kingdom—and believe by faith that God is at work.

Tomorrow, we hear about some wonderful, “loud” neighbors in India as we continue our World Prayer Tour.

25 Aug

Who introduced you to Jesus?

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We never know how God is going to use our lives to bring people to Himself . . . .

Recently, some folks in Thru the Bible’s India office shared Rajesh’s story from Karnataka:

“The Lord started reaching out to me in various ways. First, my cousin invited me to a prayer meeting. Then, my wife and I were given an old radio. When we tried it out, we heard the Thru the Bible program in our language. I was so excited to hear again about Jesus. I called the station and told them I wanted to come to Jesus. Now my wife and I are following God with our whole hearts. All of this happened in one month and we thank God.”

Join us in praying for the chain of communication to continue as God’s Word spreads through the world.

Tomorrow, another great story from India.

22 Aug

Replacing religious deceptions with God’s Word

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As we travel the world on our knees, we visit the beautiful country of Uruguay where more than 64% percent of the population claims to follow Christ, but in reality very few know Him personally.

Today let’s stop and pray that deep-seated religious deceptions in Uruguay churches are replaced by a profound desire in the hearts of every man, woman, and child to know God intimately.

Also intercede for pastors and Christian broadcasters like Thru the Bible’s Spanish producer, Samuel Montoya. Ask God to multiply their ministry, and through the teaching of His Word to bring about a spiritual awakening throughout Uruguay and all of Latin America.

Join us on Monday as our prayer journey takes us to India.

21 Aug

From heartbreak to hope

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Today we visit the country of Haiti where we’re pleased to introduce you to Thru the Bible’s producer of the Creole language, Storly Michel.

Following the tragic earthquake in 2010, God has brought hope from tremendous heartbreak in Haiti. But there is still much work to be done to advance the gospel.

So today, pray for Storly and other godly leaders in Haiti. Intercede on their behalf, asking God that they find favor with the Haitian people so His Word will continue to be broadcast further and wider than ever before.

Let’s also ask God to protect and bless the leaders as they teach Christians to relinquish the practice of voodoo worship passed down from their ancestors. Let’s pray that the light of Christ overcomes this darkness in the homes and hearts of those who worship Him.

Tomorrow we’re off to Uruguay.

20 Aug

“In Christ, everything is different!”

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“Several months ago I accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.” That’s the great news we hear today from a young woman in Honduras.

She continues:

“Before that I was empty and hopeless. Because of the sadness I felt, I cried continually. One day I turned on the radio to Thru the Bible. Later, I prayed and read a few chapters of the Bible. Surprisingly, I felt peace. So I kept listening and went to church. There, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, the little bit that I know I teach to others, because in Christ, everything is different!”

Let’s rejoice in this new life in Christ and ask God to bring more young people into relationship with Him. Living in Honduras isn’t easy, especially for children – who make up more than half the population. Let’s ask God to dry their tears and give them hope.

Join us tomorrow in Haiti.

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