22 Sep

Strength for those living lives of faith in secret

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People in the west have a hard time imagining what it would be like to have to keep your faith in Jesus Christ a secret.

But for Christians in the Persian world, believing in Jesus means believing in secret—or else facing consequences. We cherish the communication we receive from followers of Jesus who listen to our Persian broadcast. In fact, one recent text—passed on through secret channels—asked us to pray for 18 young adults in Iraq. These strong believers said “we love our Lord Jesus and are ready to die for Him.”

Pray for these brave brothers and sisters, won’t you? Intercede for them with passion and faith. Ask God to give them the strength, wisdom, and boldness they need to live out their faith in such difficult circumstances.

Tomorrow we’re traveling on our knees to Saudi Arabia.

19 Sep

When darkness creeps in

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Where do you turn when darkness surrounds you?

Thanks for joining our World Prayer Team as we travel to Dana Point, California, where a listener of Thru the Bible shares his story:

“I began listening to your programs in the blackest darkness and have since found the light through the glorious gospel of my Savior Jesus Christ. Over the past 5 years my father died, my business failed, and my house went up for auction. But God is faithful and my confidence in Him only grows stronger each day. Feeding on His Word is like eating of that Passover Lamb. His words are my food, leading to freedom.”

Let’s lift up all of those who are facing difficult circumstances today. May we find freedom from our circumstances and gain the peace that is only available through our faith in Jesus Christ.

Join us Monday as we travel to the Middle East and North Africa.

18 Sep

Trusting in the Lord in Ontario, Canada

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Today our world prayer journey stops in beautiful Ontario, Canada, where we meet with a young Thru the Bible listener who shares:

“I’ve always wanted to grow closer to God, but didn’t know how. I want to thank you for preaching the Word of God and showing me the way. I never knew that each book of the Bible could be so useful in today’s world. Your program is teaching me so many important life lessons—the most important of all is learning to trust God. I still have a ways to go to strengthen my faith, but I feel like I am getting stronger and more capable each day.”

Isn’t that great to hear? Let’s pray that the broadcasting of God’s Word will help more people to fully trust in God—in every place on this earth where His Word is heard.

Our prayer expedition across North America continues tomorrow.

17 Sep

Keeping God’s Word in Hampton, Virginia

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Our global prayer trek continues today in Hampton, Virginia, where a Thru the Bible listener named Daniel encourages us with God’s Word.

He writes:

“In John 14:23 Jesus said, ‘If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.’ I’m finding that to be true, because I’m ‘keeping His words’ by listening to Thru the Bible and seeing my reflection in His Word and seeing Jesus in a whole new light like never before—He is living in me! I pray that more people will keep His Words and I pray that He will abide in you, too.”

What a beautiful prayer…let’s echo Daniel’s request. May more people here in the United States and around the world “keep His words” today.

Tomorrow we travel north to Canada.

16 Sep

Sowing seeds of faith in the hearts of young adults

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Welcome to Raleigh, North Carolina, where we stop and visit with Jessa, a 26-year-old listener of Thru the Bible who shares:

“Thank you for playing such a significant role in my spiritual growth. I know that the seeds that are being sown as I listen each morning will come to bear much fruit. It is truly a battle against the flesh to stay in the Word of God, but praise God that your program is helping me to stay faithful. Thank you for all you do.”

Isn’t it an encouragement to hear from young people like Jessa who want to serve Christ with their lives? Let’s pray for more to hear God’s Word and respond in faith today.

Our prayer journey continues tomorrow in Hampton, Virginia.

15 Sep

Committing our hearts and homes to God

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Joshua 24:15 says, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Our prayer journey today brings us to Bellerose, New York, where we visit a listener named Ralph who is following in Joshua’s footsteps. He says:

“Thank you for helping me realize what following Christ is all about. My heart sinks with remorse about the days gone by, but I trust the Lord to lead me to be a blessing to my family today. My prayer is that not only those in my household, but those across this vast earth will have a deep desire to study the Word of God.”

What a great request! Let’s pray that believers in New York and around the world will commit their homes and their hearts to following God.

Join us tomorrow as our journey continues on to North Carolina.

12 Sep

Break down the barriers in Russia!

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Earlier this week we shared the great news about deepening Thru the Bible’s outreach into Russia. As more people consider who Jesus is, pray for the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts.

Many people aren’t yet believers, but are attracted to the gospel. Like Alik, who wrote:

“I listen to your program and I always have a lot of questions. At times I talk back to the radio. Funny, isn’t it? Your radio program about the Bible stimulates my thinking and touches my soul. I don’t know if I’ll ever believe in Jesus, but I know I’ll continue to listen to you.”

Pray right now, World Prayer Team, for men and women like Alik who are drawn to God’s grace but something is holding them back. Pray for barriers to be broken.

Next week, our prayer journey takes us back to North America!

11 Sep

Listening to Armenia

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Sometimes it’s good to just listen to people’s hearts. Let’s visit with two sisters in Christ from Armenia.

Gloria from the city of Yerevan says:

“Sometimes I can’t find exact words to present God’s Word to my neighbors. That’s why I invite them to my house to listen to your program with me.”

And Artse from Vanadzor shares:

“I have read God’s Word, but after listening to your program I realized that I have understood only some part of it. You have helped me very much. Thank you for telling me about grace.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we, as followers of Jesus, were known for telling others about God’s grace? Pray that would be your testimony today—as well as the followers of Jesus in Armenia. Let’s shine like lighthouses in spiritually dark places.

Tomorrow we’re back in the mysterious, wonderful land of Russia.

10 Sep

By faith into the “Stans”

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Today, World Prayer Team, we’re going to pray by faith for an outreach that hasn’t happened yet.

Thru the Bible is currently in production of a broadcast in the Uzbek language—which will reach the citizens of Uzbekistan. This double land-locked country in central Asia is ready for the gospel. Uzbekistan is one of the countries affectionately called the “Stans”—including Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan.

Let’s take this opportunity to pray for the Uzbek people—asking God together that He would prepare people’s hearts so that when Thru the Bible goes on the air, they will respond quickly to the gospel. Pray also for the broadcast production to advance smoothly.

And by faith, let’s pray that God would plant a spiritual seed in this country that will spread throughout the “Stans.”

Tomorrow we’ll visit with two believers from Armenia.

09 Sep

“When I became a new man . . .”

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When people listen to the Word of God, their whole worlds change.

That’s Krill’s story from western Russia:

“Your radio program was my first real exposure to the Bible as the Word of God. Before this, I visited a church from time to time, not understanding much, just trying to get in touch with the reality of God. Now I know that God was simply preparing me for the next stage of my life . . . when I became a new man.
Thru the Bible renovated my worldview.”

As a faithful prayer partner with Thru the Bible, you have a very real part in making life stories like this happen around the world. Continue to pray for God’s Word to revive lost souls!

Tomorrow we’ll hear a great testimony of grace from Uzbekistan.

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