05 Mar

An encouraging word from Argentina

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“Your words are a soothing balm as I work and complete my everyday tasks.”

That’s the good word we received from a listener named Elena in Argentina. She continues,

“Your teaching is also very useful at the Bible school where I share your thoughts with my sisters in Christ. It is our hearts’ desire to grow in our knowledge so we can share the Good News with everyone we meet.”

Isn’t that great? Let’s lift up Elena and all young people in Argentina who are faithfully studying God’s Word. Let’s pray that His Spirit will guide their hearts and give them favor as they reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow the journey continues in Guatemala … meet us here and invite a friend!

04 Mar

Praying for teachers of the Word in the Caribbean

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Welcome to World Prayer Today! Despite the lush beauty that surrounds us here in the Caribbean Islands, the hearts of God’s people are sure to be the most beautiful thing we’ll see on our journey today.

In Puerto Rico, we meet a wife and mother who tells us,

“I’ve been riding the Bible Bus with you for more than ten years now, and I have learned plenty about the Word of God. Little by little, I can honestly say that my Lord has been transforming me; I notice it in my way of thinking and reasoning. It’s amazing. I share what I’ve learned with my family and friends and pray regularly for their salvation.”

And this Sunday school teacher from St. John’s, Antigua, shares,

“I am so thankful to the Lord that although Dr. McGee is in heaven, I can still travel on the Bible Bus each morning. I am an assistant Sunday school teacher, and I must say that I’ve used the information to help me out with my lessons.”

Today, let’s praise God for those who faithfully study God’s Word and share it with others. And, let’s ask Him to continue to bless the teaching of His Word in the Caribbean so that more people will hear of Jesus and believe.

Join us tomorrow as we pray with faithful listeners in Argentina.

03 Mar

Exchanging my weakness for His strength

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Today our world prayer journey brings us to the stunning country of Ecuador, where we meet with a listener named Jorge who shares:

“I have great faith in God, for He saved me from the filth in which I lived. I was lost in drugs and alcohol, but I could hear His call and I responded to Him. Because of Him I am saved. Thru the Bible has been a great help at the time when I needed it the most. Every day I learn more about God and gain strength from His Word. Thank you for the materials you’ve sent me. I have used them in the Lord’s work as I give my testimony to other addicts.”

Amen! Today let’s pray for all those who listen to Thru the Bible in Spanish. Like Jorge, let’s pray that God’s Word gives them the strength to use their weakness for His glory!

And as we continue our travels through Ecuador, let’s also remember to pray for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in the Quichua language that reach roughly 3 million indigenous people.

Thanks for your prayer and partnership. Join us tomorrow as we travel to the Caribbean.

02 Mar

The truth shall set you free …

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John 8:32 says, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

And that’s exactly what we are praying today as we travel to the gorgeous country of Belize where more than 85 percent of the people say they are Christian, but many still participate in the superstitions, black magic, or paganism of their ancestors.

Together let’s ask that the truth heard on Thru the Bible’s Spanish broadcasts will open the hearts of the people and free them from the darkness of their traditions.

And while we’re on our knees, let’s also lift up the faithful pastors in Belize who receive very little formal training and tirelessly work at multiple jobs to provide for the physical needs of their families and the spiritual needs of their congregations.

Tomorrow we’re off to Ecuador … we’ll see you then.

27 Feb

“My struggles and problems find their way out . . .”

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“My struggles and problems find their way out . . .” says a faithful TTB listener in Indonesia.

It’s true, isn’t it? When you put your faith in Jesus Christ, your problems and struggles don’t disappear, but over time, they find their way out.

We’re visiting the beautiful archipelago country of Indonesia, comprised of thousands of islands. Thru the Bible has heard from many listeners there who send a general message: “We are blessed by God’s Word . . . we are strengthened in our faith . . . please keep it coming!”

Here are just a couple of personal letters:

  • “I am being blessed a lot after I listen to your program. It strengthens me to face every problem, both in job and also in our family. It makes me realize that the Lord Jesus is so good to me for all my life with the family. God bless you.”

  • “I thank God because He always provides for our needs. We are modest people but we are happy. We are being strengthened by TTB sermons and God’s Word that make us strong in walking with Jesus.”

Lift up the family of faith living in Indonesia today. Ask God to bless them as they faithfully walk with Him and tell their neighbors about Jesus. And that’s a good way to pray for all of us around the world.

26 Feb

Travel on your knees to one of the hardest to reach places on Earth

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Three thousand miles of the Pacific Ocean separate the island of Fiji from mainland Australia. But this tiny dot in the tropical expanse is separated even further from an understanding and receptivity to the gospel.

Pray for the hearts of Fiji’s people today. Thru the Bible broadcasts there in English and in Hindi—two of the three official languages. Pray specifically for the hard-to-reach Indians of Fiji, the largest non-Christian community in the region. Muslim influence is strong and tight-knit and is having a great impact on this Pacific Island’s largest unreached group.

But God has not forgotten Fiji. He sends His Word there every day on Thru the Bible. Pray for lives to be transformed as they hear the truth, taught with grace.

Tomorrow, we travel northwest to the beautiful, plentiful islands of Indonesia. Come pray with us.

25 Feb

What country’s name means “the unknown south land”?

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Welcome to the “land down under.”

With 28% of its population born overseas and from non-western backgrounds, Australia is considered one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world . . . and most communicate in their heritage’s heart language.

A surprising fact about Australia—more than a half million Muslims live there, with 200,000 living in the Sydney area and 100,000 in Melbourne. These Arabic-speaking people now have the opportunity to watch Thru the Bible on our new Arabic satellite-TV broadcast.

Pray today that the spiritual interest that is prompting Muslims to turn to Jesus throughout the Middle East will spread to Australia’s Arabic-speaking populations. May God’s name be lifted up “down under.”

Tomorrow we travel east to the tropical paradise in Fiji.

24 Feb

Pray for the message in Myanmar

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The gospel is relatively new to Myanmar. For generations, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was closed to outside influences. Now, as they slowly emerge, many are hearing the name of Jesus for the first time.

Like this Burmese woman:

“When I heard biblical messages presented by your program, they were new and strange to me. Sometimes I listen while I prepare tea for visitors. Not only can I hear but now my visitors can, too, and they are benefited by spiritual strength. Your program is very precious for me. When I was asked to share at church, I told them the messages I heard from you.”

Pray today for young believers, that God will continue to draw the spiritually hungry to Himself in Myanmar.

Tomorrow we travel “down under.”

23 Feb

“He is above all!”

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What does studying the Word of God do to your faith? A faithful Cambodian listener of Thru the Bible’s Khmer program tells us,

“Listening to your program for many years, my faith changed from weak to strong. Moreover, the Word of God made me know Jesus more and more. I thank the great God who taught me and changed me to become His Son for making this possible. Thank you! But I must add that as I listened, so did my family. And they too have become children of God. Isn’t God wonderful? He is above all, and He can do everything. Thank you!”

No greater testimony could be said than that. Let’s praise God together with this listener and family. Pray for more in the country of Cambodia to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue to pray across Southeast Asia.

20 Feb

“I worry that I will return to my wicked ways…”

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In Psalm 3:3, 4 God’s Word tells us:

“But You, O LORD, are a shield for me,
My glory and the One who lifts up my head.
I cried to the LORD with my voice,
And He heard me from His holy hill.”

We’re glad you’ve joined our world prayer trek today as we travel to Poland and meet with a young woman who shares why this passage of Scripture is so important to her.

“I was a difficult child and caused lots of problems for my parents and teachers. I became addicted to drugs and recently had to go through the drying out treatment. It turned out that my therapist was a Christian. She helped me towards the Lord Jesus and I became a believer. My great adventure with Jesus began at that point. Not long ago I was baptized here in prison and I listen to your program every day. Thank you for helping me to follow Jesus. I worry that when I am released I will return to my wicked ways, but I rest in the knowledge that God will lift my head and shield me, if I ask.”

Today let’s pray that God leads and protects this young woman and all those who want to follow Him but find it impossible on their own. Ask the Father to place people in their lives to help them continue to follow God’s Word.

Join us next week as we meet some fascinating people as we pray our way through Southeast Asia, here on World Prayer Today.

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