24 Apr

“The reason I believe in Jesus . . .”

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Mongolia has a special place in the hearts of our World Prayer Team, as we’ve been praying for listeners there since the first day of broadcasting in Ulaanbaatar just over a year ago.

Be encouraged by the first fruits of our petitions and praise—a letter from a brother in Mongolia:

“The reason why I believe in Jesus is that I listen to Thru the Bible. Sometimes when I do not know who to ask when I have a question, I listen and God delivers answers through the preacher. I do not have a computer now, so I’ve got to go to the Internet cafe to download the programs to my mobile phone so that I can listen to them. Each of the issues of the sermons is in connection with me. I think it is God who is talking to me personally. That attracted and encouraged me a lot to study the Bible very hard, and let me have a better understanding of Christianity. Thank you for bringing light to Mongolia.”

Keep praying for the new followers of Jesus Christ in Mongolia. Pray that the Word of God strengthens and roots them in God’s truth.

Next week, we travel to North America to see God at work.

23 Apr

Pray for the healing of a nation

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This week as we travel on our knees through northeast Asia, we meet people who have been personally impacted by God’s Word taught on the radio.

Meet Jeem, a brother who has listened to Thru the Bible’s Mandarin program for a very long time:

“When I was a child [in China], I used to hide while listening to your broadcast, because at that time not only were we not allow to listen to Christian radio, we were not allow to read the Bible as well. If we were caught reading the Bible, we would be sent to reformation labor camps because it was illegal. Later I was sent to the reformation labor camp. At that time, TWR sent me a Bible, and the leaders ordered me to hand it over, but I refused. They said, ‘This is the way foreign countries invade China.’ However, nowadays, it is totally different. My leaders say, ‘Read the Bible more because it is a very good book.’ Please pray for us.”

Let’s pray for followers of Jesus in Taiwan like Jeem. Pray that they are grounded and strengthened by the Word of God. Pray also for emotional and spiritual wounds to heal.

Tomorrow we head north to Mongolia. God bless you as you pray today.

22 Apr

Stand in the gap for Chinese believers

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Today we visit China, the country with the largest population on earth and the fourth largest in land area.

Thru the Bible has broadcasted to China in Mandarin since 1977 and in Cantonese since 1988, both through powerful shortwave transmitters from Guam.

Making the Word of God available to Chinese followers of Jesus is especially urgent today for a few reasons. Pray for the people of China with this in mind:

  1. More than 100 million Chinese profess the name of Jesus, but very few have a solid biblical foundation to their faith.
  2. Pastoral training is desperately needed in China. Pray for more pastors to be raised up among Chinese believers and ask that God use Thru the Bible as a “Bible school” for those who want to be trained in how to understand and teach the whole Word of God.
  3. Persecution remains a reality for many Chinese believers. China is becoming more open to the gospel, but Christians are also suffering for their faith.

Stand in the gap for Chinese believers today, asking the Lord to provide for these vital needs.

Tomorrow we’re jumping over to Taiwan. Come pray with us!

21 Apr

Off the air, but not out of God’s control

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Proverbs 21:1 gives us a new perspective on events that seem out of control. “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.”

Recently, Thru the Bible’s Japanese program was taken off the satellite network from which we broadcast. The network was purchased by a new, secular owner who took all Christian broadcasts off the air. Today, Thru the Bible’s Japanese program continues to stream online as we prayerfully seek a new broadcast platform.

Today, pray with faith that God will give us favor on the appropriate radio outlet to once again broadcast to the people of Japan. Believe with us that God is in control of these radio opportunities and pray today that we will see His hand at work, once again bringing His Word to His people in Japan.

Tomorrow we’ll discover how to pray for one of the largest people groups on earth.

20 Apr

For every family who is praying for a prodigal . . .

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For every family who is praying for a prodigal son or daughter, this beautiful testimony will renew your hope in God:

“I was born and brought up in a Christian family, where I was taught to read the Bible and pray on a regular basis. Initially I was doing all the spiritual activities, and my parents were very happy when they saw me growing spiritually. I was living a God fearing life, till late in high school. College introduced me to new friends and wrong habits. Satan is very clever and unknowingly I fell into his trap. I would try to deceive my parents, but eventually they knew that I went away from the Lord. I eventually left the house and went to my uncle’s house in another village. By this time I had totally drifted away from God.

“My uncle and aunt are regular listeners of the Thru the Bible program. They loved me and tried to bring me back to the Lord Jesus without my notice. They invited me to listen to Thru the Bible with them. One evening as we listened, the Word of God touched my heart. The preacher shared from John 15. He spoke about a life without God and I realized I was living that life. I lost my relationship with God, with my parents. I lost my health; I lost everything. I was scared after listening to that heart-touching message. I repented of my sins and asked God to restore me. Today I am a regular listener of the Thru the Bible program and growing in my life with God. I praise Him for the great joy He brought in my life. Please remember me in your prayers.”

Praise God for His redeeming love today, and for welcoming every prodigal back to Himself.

Tomorrow we travel on our knees to Japan. See you then.

17 Apr

Praying through the birthplace of Islam

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Welcome to Saudi Arabia! As the birthplace of Islam, it’s probably no surprise that the open practice of any religion other than Islam is forbidden, but did you know that conversion to another faith is punishable by death?

Yet despite the risks, more than 1.2 million of our Christian brothers and sisters live and worship here in secret.

So today, please intercede for protection over the many who worship in house churches. May their gatherings not be discovered and reported to the religious police.

Also pray that God continues to open doors for the broadcasting of His Word on Thru the Bible’s Arabic radio and TV programs. As God’s Word is heard, let’s boldly ask that the stronghold of Islam be shaken and the glory of our Savior be revealed in the hearts and lives of His people.

Join us on Monday as our worldwide prayer journey continues in South Korea.

16 Apr

How has God gotten your attention lately?

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You never know what God will do to get your attention! A woman in Cyprus tells of us her surprising experience.

“I was waiting for an important doctor appointment and was afraid. No one in my family could join me that day, so I felt very alone and anxious. When the doctor was running late, I had nothing to do other than listen to the radio that was playing. As the pastor talked, he explained the true peace that God offers us through His Son Jesus Christ. It was as if he was speaking those words just for me. When I got home that day my family noticed a difference in me and now we listen together every day. We are grateful for your introduction to our Savior and for your continued explanation of God’s Word that fills our lives with meaning.”

Don’t you just love the Lord’s creativity? Today, let’s lift up everyone who needs to hear of the peace and salvation God offers us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, let’s pray that God’s Word will grab their attention and that they will turn their hearts toward Him.

Our week-long journey through the Middle East and North Africa ends tomorrow. Please join us as we pray through the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

15 Apr

“Your broadcasts are a lifeline to me”

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Welcome to Jordan!

In a country where more than 96% percent of people are Muslim, you may be surprised to hear that God’s Word is taking root in hearts and lives of listeners like Najeeb, who says:

“Thank you for teaching me about the eternal life I am offered through the Lord Jesus Christ. And thank you for your broadcasts that are a lifeline to me. As I hear your words, I feel the gentle hands of God surrounding me, and I’m not afraid anymore. Please keep broadcasting and pray that more people in Jordan will respond to God’s Word in faith.”

It’s true, isn’t it? Regardless of where we live, God’s Word is a lifeline to all of us. Let’s pray for Najeeb’s homeland of Jordan even as we pray for our own. May the broadcasting of God’s Word bring revival throughout our lands.

Join us tomorrow as our travels take us to the island of Cyprus.

14 Apr

Praying for listeners in Israel

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“I have been listening to your programs in Arabic since I was ten years old.”

“They give a great spiritual benefit to all listeners. Thank you for sharing God’s Word, which strengthens my faith. Please keep praying for us.”

That’s the update we hear from one listener in Israel today. Another Arabic listener recently shared,

“Your program is a guide for my life. I appreciate your hard work and that you really care and encourage us to know the Lord’s will in our lives. Please pray as there is much unrest in the hearts and souls of so many people here.”

Those are great requests! Let’s honor them today and lift up the many people who call Israel home. And please pray for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts that are available in Arabic and Hebrew. May people hear God’s Word and find the source of true peace that He offers us in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow’s journey takes us to the mysterious country of Jordan. We hope you’ll join us and invite a friend!

13 Apr

Praying for God’s Word to take root in the United Arab Emirates

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Thanks for joining us as we pray our way through cities, countries, and continents around the world.

Today’s journey brings us to the United Arab Emirates where access to God’s Word is still extremely limited.

As we pray today, let’s specifically lift up Thru the Bible’s radio program that can be heard Monday through Saturday in Arabic and is also available on the Internet.

Let’s also remember our Arab brothers and sisters who risk their livelihood and safety for their faith in Jesus Christ. May God protect and encourage them as they seek to know Him better and discreetly share His love with their family and friends.

Join us tomorrow as the journey continues in Israel.

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