31 Mar

“Second-hand listening brought my husband to Jesus”

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You’ve heard that second-hand smoke can kill. Well, on our World Prayer Today visit to Belgium, we’ll hear about “second-hand evangelism” that brought life!

Here’s a faithful wife’s story about how her husband came to Jesus. She writes:

“I have listened to Thru the Bible for over 30 years. Since my husband has retired he has also listened to you, though he never intended to. You see, I listen to you on the internet and our computers are in the same room. While he plays solitaire, I listen to my daily study with my Bible open on my lap and my heart interceding for his soul. This year, my husband of 50 years of marriage knelt beside his computer and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Praise God! I know that listening to God’s Word on your program ushered him to Jesus. Thank you for your dedication to God’s Word.”

Have you been praying for a long time for someone you love to come to Jesus? Let this encourage you to keep praying. And let’s all pray for those who are waiting and those who will be coming.

We’ll continue celebrating new life in Christ tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

30 Mar

“I am such a sinner, and my Lord had mercy on me…”

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We’ve got a lot to celebrate this week on World Prayer Today.

As we count down to resurrection Sunday, each day we’ll share the miraculous stories of God’s grace, meeting people who come to the cross of Jesus Christ and have chosen to believe.

Today’s journey takes us to Colombia, where we meet with a young listener named Jose.

“I praise God for your Thru the Bible broadcasts. It was through you that I came to know salvation in Christ. I tuned to you by accident, in the jungles of Meta Colombia. It got my attention and I kept listening to you at night when I was able to pick you up on AM on the radio. I am such a sinner, and my Lord had mercy on me. I will continue praying that many people will be saved in the same way I was.”

Amen! Thanks be to God who has mercy on all of us!

The celebration continues tomorrow and all this week, join us!

27 Mar

A new country, a new life

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Today on our world prayer tour, we’re traveling on our knees through the beautiful but spiritually sparse land of Sweden.

Thru the Bible has broadcasted there for many years without hearing much from listeners.

Today, however, we can pray for a new people group in Sweden who are responsive to the gospel—a surprising group who have emigrated from Iran. Here’s a word from one couple:

“My family is new to this country, coming here to enjoy peace from persecution. We received the transmission of your program in Persian by chance and listened with delight. We are believers in Jesus Christ and eagerly learn each day more about Him. My wife and I have shared with many people how much we gain in our spirits through these programs. We can tell that it has helped a lot to find our Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ here. We are listening; please do not stop.”

As we pray today for the people of Sweden, let’s remember this new group from Iran who are walking with God in a new country.

Next week on World Prayer Today, we’re in for a wonderful celebration as we thank God for His saving grace in our lives and lives around the world.

26 Mar

A new medium, a faithful message to the U.K.

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Today our prayer focus is on the United Kingdom—from England in the south to Scotland in the north.

For many years, Thru the Bible has taken God’s Word to the United Kingdom using shortwave radio. In recent years, we added a regional Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) channel called Premiere Christian Radio. DAB is like a digital radio station with more than 1,000 outlets broadcast in this format. People in the U.K. enjoy the world’s biggest digital radio network and its popularity continues to grow.

Pray today for the people of Scotland, specifically, to discover the treasure of Bible-teaching available to them on this new delivery system. Intercede for those who live in a culture that has experienced tremendous spiritual decline in recent generations.

Tomorrow we’ll travel on our knees to beautiful Sweden and pray for a new population there.

25 Mar

The gift of intercession

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The gift of intercession goes both ways. When we intercede, we bring others’ needs before God’s throne. But even as we do this act of service, our hearts are strengthened, too.

As we pray for people in a different country day after day on our world prayer tour, our faith and spiritual confidence grows, too.

An elderly woman in Hungary teaches us this lesson. She writes:

“Our hearts are strengthened a lot through your broadcasts. The Word in our homes teaches, readies us for the day’s needs, and gives us peace in our hearts. I am very thankful for all of these, as I am too weak to go to church any more, I do like listening to the Bible studies very much, but I tell you what I also like—I love the testimonies from around the world. I think of these through the day and bring that man or woman’s need before the Lord. I praise God He is at work. Then I pray for the producers of the programmes. I pray all day.”

I’d say this wonderful woman of God is an honorary member of our World Prayer Team! Let’s follow her faithful example and make intercession a way of life.

Tomorrow we intercede for the British Isles. See you then.

24 Mar

What does the Word of God feel like to you?

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The Bible is full of metaphors describing what God’s Word is like. Psalm 119:105 says that God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Jeremiah 15:16 describes God’s words as food that we eat and are satisfied.

A listener in France describes God’s Word in another interesting way. He writes:

“My heart is full with thanksgiving because of the joy your broadcasts have given me in the recent times. The Word is preached, the gospel is proclaimed all around the world. What a big mercy it is. Having listened to your programme, I feel like a battery after charging.”

Isn’t that great?! If you’re feeling a little low energy today, get recharged with God’s Word!

The truth is—as God’s Word goes out across the world, to some it smells like a sweet fragrance to them who are being saved as 2 Corinthians 2:14 tells us. And that same aroma smells like death to those who are rejecting God.

Pray for those who are receiving the Word of God, that it becomes life to them as they believe.

We’re off to Hungary tomorrow. Get ready to pray!

23 Mar

“It’s a good way to end”

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God’s Word says that “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” (Psalm 116:15).

A ninety-year-old woman, Frau Gyuláné in Belgium, wrote recently that she and her husband have walked with God for their entire adult lives. As they near the end and their bodies begin to fail, they trust God even more.

“For years we have been listening to your program—they were such a joy to us. We couldn’t say enough thanks that this ‘church service’ comes to our home. It is God’s blessing we share with others. Near the end, my husband lost his sight, and then most of his hearing. I sat with him in bed and sang to him and said good-bye that moment that his heart stopped. I was thankful because I was by him. I expect that the things I have learned will help me when my time comes. It’s a good way to end. I ask God’s blessing on your work so that lots of people become believers.”

Pray for others like this sister in Belgium who are facing the end of their lives. Ask God for faith and courage for them. Pray they sense the nearness of God and the joyful reunions that are to come.

Tomorrow we travel south to the countryside of France.

20 Mar

A young soldier in Eritrea asks for prayers for his friends

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Our journey through Africa continues this week as today we touch down in the country of Eritrea and meet with a soldier who listens to Thru the Bible in his language of Tigrinya.

He writes,

“I am a young soldier deployed to the frontier. I am not only a soldier of the army but also of the Lord Jesus Christ, marching with my fellow brothers. Here in the wilderness there are no churches or fellowship meetings, so your broadcasts are a lifeline to me. Surprisingly, some of my comrades are showing interest in the program. I greatly rejoice for what God is doing through the ministry in their lives and the lives of so many others around the world. Please remember us in your prayers. I pray that my friends will decide to follow Jesus as their Savior and have fellowship with Him.”

What a great request! Remember this young man and his fellow soldiers in our prayers today. And let’s lift up all those who are waiting on friends and loved ones to be saved. May we trust God and wait patiently for Him to answer.

Our travels continue next week in Western Europe; join us, won’t you?

19 Mar

Praise God for second chances

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In Psalm 86:15, David praises God because He is “full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth.”

Isn’t that a great picture of how God also relates to all of us? We recently received this letter from a listener in South Africa who writes:

“I was saved about eleven years back, but through bad influence of my colleagues I began to make bad choices. I never went to church, but I also didn’t enjoy the life I was living. Then a friend told me about your program in my native language of Zulu, and so I tuned in. That day was the beginning of good things for me. Three months later now, I listen to your program almost daily and I have surrendered my life to God in true repentance. Thanks be to God who gave me a second chance.”

Today, let’s praise God for second chances—for the compassion and grace He extends to us when we least deserve it. Whether we speak to Him in English or Zulu, let’s thank Him that He hears our hearts and welcomes us home.

Join us tomorrow as our travels through Africa continue in Eritrea.

18 Mar

Announcing a new broadcast: Taking God’s Word to Rwanda!

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Today’s stop on our world prayer tour brings us to the country of Rwanda where we’re excited to announce the launch of Thru the Bible’s production in the Kinyarwanda language!

Spoken by more than 10 million people throughout Africa, with the majority living in Rwanda, please pray that these Kinyarwanda broadcasts will bring God’s hope to a country that continues to heal from the brutal violence of the genocide in 1994.

Let’s also intercede today for the physical strength, spiritual discernment, and endurance of Parfait Mtamvutsa, Thru the Bible’s Kinyarwanda producer, who recently began recording the first programs. Let’s ask God to use each message for His glory and to reveal His great love and grace to everyone who listens.

Thank you for your prayers and your partnership! Join us tomorrow as we visit South Africa.

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